fan fiction scrollDarth Nihilus’s new apprentice part 6 The infinite Fleet

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As the tourture ended The Handmaiden slumped and fell naked and asleep in Virons shoulders. He let her fall off of him and glared at his also naked and asleep sister. He then proceeded to one of the sith troopers standing near by. Take them both to the prison viewport so they can see what we have in store for whats left of the republic. The Handmaiden shall remain our prisoner afterwards as for my sister, after she see what we will unleashed apon the galaxy… Terminate her. Yes mi’lord. said the trooper.
Lord Revan is the Star Forge operational? Viron asked along with Visas. Yes Lord Viron and Visas. Said Reven. Good, then everyone including Nihilus, Visas, Revan, and Grevious… Viron saw Visas whince nerviously at the metion of the cyborg General, Shall now prepare The Infinite Fleet. Yes Lord Viron. Said all of them at once.
In the prison viewport both Virons sister and The Handmaiden watched terrifed as the Infinite horror was unleashed.

Authors notes: Picture the darksided kotor ending where the Star Forge builds an Infinite amount of sith interdictor ships, that is truly the Infinite horror the prisoners saw. For The Glory Of The True Sith And Long Live The True Sith Empire!

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  1. sith lord nihilus says:

    If you dont have any good thing to say about my work then don’t say anything at all

  2. Lord Raven says:

    yeah pretty sweet

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