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 Atton RandCarth OnasiExile (Female/Light Side)

The Sound of Revenge…
Chapter 4
Bound and Broken

“Why are you representing yourself Rev?”

“Beecause the guy that was going to represent me was another Atton, exept worse!”

“Would you rather have Atton represent you?” Carth asked.

“Um, yeah.”

“Then i’ll go get him.”

“No, you wont! Id rather have Atton represent me does not mean I am going to have Atton represent me!”

“Good choice!” Carth said giving Revan a thumbs up.

“Wheres Dustil?”

“Out there explaining what happend.”

“Why arn’t you out there?”

“Because if you did murder him, I really don’t want to know.”



“You believe I didn’t murder him, right?”

“Sure I do. It just has to be comfermed.”

“Even the closet person to me doesn’t believe me!”

“Now, did you mean that physically or mentally?”



“So, your saying she is guilty?”

“Yes I am sir.”

“Thank you. Your dismissed.”

Dustil walked back to his seat and sat down next to Hunter.

“Is my mommy really a murderer?” Hunter whisperd to Dustil.

“Yes she is.” Dustil lied.

“Dustil!” Andria said pulling him out of his seat.


“We’re going to have a nice chat right out here.” Andria said pulling Dustil by the collar outside the court.

“What?!” Dustil asked again after being smashed against the wall.

“You lied didn’t you!”


“Didn’t you?!”

“Well, i’m really sick and tired of Revan! She made my father forget all about my mother!”

“Don’t blame her! Your going to get her killed just because you think Carth forgot about Morgana?”

“Yes I am ma’am!”

“How could you be so emty headed!”

“Am not!”

“Its not Revans fault! Carth loves her and she loves him! Your going to tear Carth apart if you do this!”

“So what? Atleast Revan won’t be there!”

“We’ll sweetie, we could do this the easy way, or the hard.” Andria said pulling out her lightsaber.

“Dont mess with me old lady!”


Dustil moved back to his seat.

“What did she say to you?” Hunter asked.

“Nothing that concerns you!” Dustil snapped.

“Sorry.” Hunter said quickly.

Dustil just rolled his eyes.

2 hours of Dustils lies…..

“Dustil here tells me that you did murder him.”

“He lied!” Revan pleaded.

“Dustil, what did you do?!” Carth barked.

“Nothing! Its the truth!”

“Do you reliezed what you’ve done?!” Carth said pinching Dustils arm.

“I told nothing but the truth!” Dustil lied.

It didn’t take a jedi to read how much enmity Dustil had towards Revan.

“You lied, didn’t you?!”

“No I didn’t! Can’t you just accept the fact that Revan is a murderer?”

“No I can’t!”

“Well, believe it!”

“He’s lying!” Andria called out to the judge. “Your mistaken. Revan is NOT guilty!”

“She is too! You wern’t there!”

“But there is sooo proof! Revan and Carth has a sucurtiy camera in their house.”

“What is your point, miss?” The judge asked

“My point is that it is all on tape!”

“Don’t do this old lady!” Dustil growled.

“Have you seen this ‘tape’ yet, miss?” The judge asked.

“No. I havn’t.”

Dustil got up and headed towards the door. Carth jumped in his way.

“Where do you think your going?”


“Why don’t we all be truthful and you tell the judge what really happend!”

“I already did! Are you going to believe some murderer over your own son?”

“Right now, my wife.”



“Don’t worry hun, Dustil won’t go anywhere.” Andria said.

“Fine!” Carth moved out of Dustils way.

“Thank you.” Dustil mummbled walking past his father.


Yep, still sucky but im trying!! Besides, this is what you get for someone one my age….. Also Mical will be coming in….. somewhere….I hope…

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  1. RevanBodyguard says:

    i love this one too = D
    your writing doesn’t suck! it just needs work
    heh, i think my writing is much worse
    i mean Precious Memories, bleh! me kissing the Disciple
    i think i died right there, the Exile is better off kissing Atton Rand!
    now that’s a man!

  2. MaggOnasi says:

    Lol, sis, you are so weird!!

  3. RevanBodyguard says:

    why! yes, i am
    thank you so much for noticing. hahahahaha!
    i still Atton Rand is so hottt!!!!!!!!! >3
    hehehehe… *breaks into fangirl dreamworld and giggling*

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