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Authors Notes: This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Revan’s Shadow, just a little thingy that I wanted to write. Listening to Just for You.

Atton Rand punched in the controls for Telos.

“Are you excited?” the Exile asked.

“For the last time, not really.”

The Exile was practically hopping up and down with excitement.

“Hey, uh, can you go hop with happiness somewhere else? You’re distracting me.”

“Can you NOT be in a grumpy mood for one second please?”

“One. Okay now I can be annoying.”

The Exile walked away to his room in the Ebon Hawk, trying not to skip to his room.

He and Atton had gone out to an expedition to Korriban to see if there was anything interesting in the tombs of the Ancient Sith. Nothing. When they walked into the tomb there was nothing. The Exile pointed out that he felt something, like the Sith were breathing into his ear. Atton just shrugged and said, “I don’t feel anything, are you sure it isn’t the draft?”
Now there were heading back to Telos to Reunite with their friends. (Atton refers to them as, ‘Normies,’ Apparently he was more important than them in the search for the Lost Jedi).

The Exile couldn’t wait to see Brianna again. He left her once, for three days…. Well he thought that he would never return!!!

He felt the ship take off.

The trip from Korriban to Telos took a long time, so the Exile dicided to miditate.


“Please, no, you don’t have to do this, I’ll do anything.”

“You had your chance, you failed. There is nothing you can do to make me change my mind.”

There was a cruel, evil laugh that would make your blood freeze.

“Not her, me instead.”

“I’ll be dealing with you after her.”

They sliced the head off Brianna.


The laugh came again.

“I can’t live without her.”

“I think you mean that you WON’T live without her.”

And with having said that their lightsaber stabbed into his chest.


The Exile woke up in the middle of the night with cold sweat starting at his face, then dripping down his chest and mucsels.

But they disappeared. The Exile thought to himself.

He went back to sleep.

Next day

“T3, can you make anything OTHER than your food.”

“Dwooooooo – Reeeeeeeep.”

Atton sighed.

The Exile walked into the main room.

“Atton, when are you going to say you like Mira?”

“When she finally dumps that retard of a boyfriend.”

“You mean they’re actually dating?

“Oh, no, they actually aren’t dating. They just decide to make out every second because they’re GREAT friends.”

The Exile just gave a cold stare that made Atton shudder slightly.

“Well you’re going to have to tell her eventually. I mean you like Nar Shadda, SHE likes Nar Shadda, you have a ribbed jacket, she has a ballistic jacket… I mean PERFECT love match!”

Atton shrugged, “Enough about me-” Atton started.

The Exile gasped that Atton was actually thinking of someone other than himself.

Atton sighed.

He was tired of everyone acting like he doesn’t care about anything or anyone else.

“I told you, I’ve changed from the first time when you met me on Peragus.”

“What? Oh, right, sorry.” the Exile said sarcastically.

Atton sighed. It made him want to punch a hole in the wall that no one took him seriously, always thinking that he was being funny.
When he became a Jedi he swore to himself that he would think of other people before himself.

“Uh… Atton? Still breathing?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Anyway, when are you going to ask Brianna that you want to marry her?”

“When 6 months of dating pass.”

“Doesn’t the 2 month period when we were searching for the Lost Jedi count?”

“Things were still tense between us.”

“Oh, you mean you were tense when she was fist-fighting you half-naked?”



“Fine, maybe I will ask her.”


“But, Atton, do you feel a disturbance within her?”

Atton closed his eyes and focused.

“Yes, kicking, in the stom–”

He stopped talking and gave a nervous look at the Exile that lasted for a long time. Finally, the Exile showed one sign of emotion, a shining smile.

“She, she’s, she’s–”

“Pregnant.” Atton finished.

The Exile gave a cry of joy.

Atton gave a small nervous smile.

“Atton!!!! I’m going to be a father!!!!”

“Uhh… YAY!!!” Atton responded sarcastically.

The Exile gave a small girly squeel.

Atton raised his eyebrows slightly.



“Mira’s pregnant!!!!!”

Atton almost fell over.

“Who’s the father?”

“That retard!!!”

“You mean she and him–”

“Yes Atton.”


“I was just joking!!! Hehe, just can’t help myself.”

Atton ran at the Exile and pushed him so hard that his body made a dent in the wall.

“Nice push.” The Exile said, Force Waving Atton.

Atton sighed and got up, brushing some dust off his Jedi Robes.

“How long until we get to Telos?”

“An hour and a half.”

“What should we do?”



Atton and the Exile sat down and started playing.

Atton won the first round.

In the second round the Exile reached into Atton’s mind.

Add six minus four add one and you have twenty nice job Rand you’ve done it again. The Exile rolled his eyes. It was still the first round.

Atton won the second round.

In the third the Exile pulled ahead.

He won again in the fourth.

It was all tied up.

“Atton, is that a giza in your hair?”

Atton reached into his hair.

Perfect, now he isn’t thinking about pazzak.

The Exile reached into Atton’s mind and made him put down a 5+ card. That made Atton bust.

The Exile won.

“Good game Atton, play again?” the Exile asked, shuffling the cards in his hands and looking at Atton.

“Uh… no, I’m feeling, tired….” Atton responded.

“Come on, you’ll win this time.”


“No, you cheat. Do I look stupid to you?”


Atton sighed.

When he became a Jedi he thought that his life would be more interesting. It turned out that it was more boring. Sure he liked being able to use the Force and having a lightsaber, but he felt like there was something that was missing. He had everything he wanted and even more. But it felt like something inside him was hollow.

What is it? he kept asking himself. He suddenly relized it. He was following the Jedi Code. It was as if it was pasted into his brain. He was addicted to it.

“Do think that the Jedi Code is a bunch of crap?”

“Some of it, but I’m on the High Council… so, I can’t really disagree with all of it without being kicked off… again.”

“What do you disagree with???”

“The no love part, duh, and the ‘There is no ignorance, there is knowledge’ part. I mean some Jedi are REALLY stupid and ignorant.”

“I agree.”

“How much longer until Telos?”

“Half an hour.”

“I’m going to rest.”

The Exile walked into his room.

:. So you disagree with the Jedi?.:

“Get out of my head.”

:. Death doesn’t make me dead, it re-borns me. .:


:. You could’ve been so much greater than you are now. .:

“I love my life and the people in it, and you’re not in it.”

:. Oh but I am…. .:

The voice faded away.

The Exile shuddered. Man that old lady’s creepy.

He went to sleep.

“Brianna, why is your hair black?”

“Because that’s what happens when you fall.”

“You haven’t fallen, not all the way.”

“Yes I have.”

“Brianna,” he said in a gentle, loving voice. Her hair went slightly white. He statised her. “I love you, you were there for me when there was nothing left in my life.”

He kept talking until her hair was white and her facial features were back to there usual self. He walked up to her and kissed her for one whole minute. The touch of her lips made him want to kiss her more. So he did.

The Exile woke up. He smiled. That was the first good dream he had had in a long time. It started out as a nightmare, but he controlled his dream and made it a good one.


Arrival on Telos

She woke up when she felt his presence.

He’s here.

Someone knocked on her door. She flew up and ran to her door. He was standing there, smiling.

She put her arms around his neck and started kissed him like she wouldn’t live without kissing him then and there.

To her surprise he didn’t return it.

He grabbed both her arms and said one thing:

“Are you pregnant?”

She put her hands on her breasts and let them slide down to her stomach.

Her stomach was bigger.

“I-I-I’m, bigger….”

“Because someones inside your stomach!!!”

She didn’t know if he was happy or sad.

“Happy.” he said as if he had read her thoughts.

She smiled nervously.

He started kissing her.

Her eyes widened for a second before closing.

He brought her down onto the bed.

She was about to go further when he stopped.

“What is it?”

“I don’t want to hurt little Joey!”


“Our kid.”

“What if it’s a girl?”

“Then will name her… Bianna?”

“Bianna? That’s what you came up with?”

15 minutes later


“Yeah Atton?”

“Are you and,” Atton stopped and shuddered. “Daran, still dating?”

“Well, I’m going to break up with him. He obviously didn’t know that I liked Nar Shadda. He said: ‘I think Nar Shadda is the worst, most polluted planet in the galaxy,’ I was agreeing with him until he said, ‘And the people there are so ignorant.’ That’s when I tied him up and hit him 6 times with a Bonthan Stunner.”

Atton’s eyes shined with admiration.

“I agree, people underestimate us Nar Shaddarian’s.”

“Exactly, we may be full of bounty hunters, but at least the Republic doesn’t controll everything there.”

“You’re not as bad as I thought Rand.”

“Hey, do you want to get some dinner tonight at ‘Flamed Ice?’”

“Sure, I love Onderonion food.”

“See ya at 7:00″


Atton walked away smiling.


Bau-Dor screamed.

Darth Nfru let it’s lightsaber make a hole in the Zabracks stomach.

Atton… help… I on… adda.

Bau-Dor passed out.


Atton stopped in his footsteps.


He ran into the hanger bay on Telos where the Ebon Hawk was parked.

Atton ran into the cockpit and punched in the controls for Narr Shadda.

The ship took off.

2 hours later

Mira was sitting at a table in Flamed Ice.

“Is this seat taken?”

“Yes, I’m waiting for someone.”

Mira sighed.

She thought that Atton actually wanted to go out with her. She now relized that he just pulled the worst prank that he could have ever pulled on her.


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  1. Nihilus says:

    Holy crap! This is suspenseful. I was laughing my ass off when the Exile played the joke on Atton. Good story.

  2. Darth Shiin says:

    Thanks, I don’t know why it got put all the way back here…

  3. Nihilus says:

    Neither do I. Maybe the site made a mistake or something. When did you write this?

  4. Darth Soran says:

    how do you prenounce nfru?

  5. Darth Shiin says:

    Soran: You pronounce it, Nifru.

    Nihilus: I wrote this right before Atton’s Final Fight came out…

  6. Nihilus says:

    Hmmm…I wrote The Secret on…Wednesday, I think. It’s the site’s doing.

  7. Darth Shiin says:

    I have no Idea… what is going on,,.,

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    thats right my man

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    No one hacked your account, Shiin

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    no, someone was over and they typed it in when I went to the bathroom.

    I am not joking.

    I swear on the name of Carth Onasi and Bastila Shan.

    Ooooo, and Drew Karpyshyn. Who in my opinion is the greatest person to walk this earth

  12. Darth Shiin says:

    Carth and Bastila are my favorite characters in KOTOR I

  13. Darth Shiin says:

    They’re awesome

  14. Awesome story
    I have to know what happens next!

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