fan fiction scrollKnights of the Old Republic: Shadows of the Light Chapter 6 part 1

 Atton RandBastila ShanCanderous Ordo

Chapter 6 Part 1
Haunting Memories….

“What a mess,” Canderous said, pacing around the enclave waiting for his patrol to check in.

“I know what you mean,” Atton said, “I’m still in shock over the attack.”

The two men paced uneasily around the enclave, neither speaking, both lost in thought about what had just taken place.

Not more than an hour ago they had been chatting at Bastila’s house and catching up on old times. Now, the children were missing and all happiness drained from the atmosphere around them.

“Sir,” the Mandalorian captain broke in on the comlink, “my troops and I have just finished our sweep of the area.”

“Report,” ordered Canderous, eager for something to break the dreadful silence.

“The perimeter is secure,” the captain continued, “there is no sign of any enemy, whoever they were left just as quick and sudden as they appeared.”

“Are you positive there is no evidence to suggest where they might have gone,” Atton asked.

“There is none sir,” the captain said.

“Very well,” Canderous said, “thank you captain, excellent work.”

He switched off his comlink and turned to Atton.

“Atton….. where’s Revan?”

Atton turned around as if expecting to see Revan standing right behind him.

“I don’t know Canderous,” he said, “i think he muttered something about having stuff to take care of.”

Then, with a sudden influx of understanding the two men looked at each other, each man’s eyes mirroring the thoughts of the other.

“If Revan has left on some secret mission,” Canderous finally said, “there is nothing we can do.”

“Shouldn’t we go after him?” Atton asked.

“No, we would only get in his way,” Canderous responded, “we just have to trust Revan to return whenever he is finished.”

Far away, in the deep core, the Ebon Hawk rockets through space headed towards its destination. Upon reaching its pilot’s desired planet, the ship makes its decent through the atmosphere to hover in the sky.

“Where could they be,” Revan asked himself from the cockpit of the ship, “there’s no indication of anyone or anything living out here, I need to find some form of civilization.”

Revan closed his eyes and let the force guide him as to where he should go. The new trajectory took Revan and the Ebon Hawk to an old ornate castle sitting high up on a hill so as to overlook all the surrounding area. Tall, dark, and foreboding looking it appeared to have once been a lavish palace however it appeared from the outside that it had long since lost any value or purpose and been left to decay. The aura about the place was indescribable and it sent chills up Revan’s spine to look upon the place for too long. Slowly but unwaveringly he walked up the steep path towards the cold, dark castle. With every step closer to his goal, Revan felt the distinct impression that this castle was a world unto itself, and that upon entering the decadent palace he would no longer be completely in charge of his own life. Revan also got the distinct impression that he was being watched. Finally, after a trip that in actuality was no more than 15 minutes, but felt like an eternity, Revan reached the summit of the great hill and the entrance to the castle. He knocked on the huge jet black steel door, a sound that echoed around him in the empty air.

“Is there anyone in here?” Revan asked.

There was no response.

“I’m coming in anyways,” Revan said and pointed his right hand at the door. It broke clean off its hinges and was tossed carelessly aside by Revan who then walked into the dimly lit corridor. He wandered around the dingy entrance hall before his senses told him that there was something up ahead to the left and that was where he should go. So, losing the little bit of light that the planet’s sun did provide, Revan turned left and made his way up a torch lit narrow passage. This corridor had many sudden twists and turns to it and many other paths leading off of it. However, Revan stayed true to his course and it was not long before he rounded a corner to see a muscular, armor-clad taung leaning casually up against the wall and staring absent-mindedly around him as if searching for something to amuse himself with.

“The door was unlocked you know,” the taung said casually, “you didn’t have to go and break it.”

“Who are you?” Revan asked, automatically taking a step back.

“That’s really not important right now,” the Taung said, “but if you must know it’s Cyvan.”

“What is your purpose here Cyvan?” Revan barked.

“You know, for someone who just broke into this place you’re asking an awful lot of questions,” Cyvan said.

“My task here is simple: I was to await the arrival of the jedi knight Revan, that’s you, and escort him to my master’s chambers.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Revan said and ignited his lightsaber, it’s yellow blade casting an eerie light in the dark hallway.

“Where are the children?” Revan demanded, “where are you hiding them?”

“My master will answer all of your questions, now please,” Cyvan said taking out two lightsabers and activating them, there red light adding to the eeriness of the surroundings, “come with me.”

Both men look at each other and then Revan deactivates his lightsaber and demands to be shown to Cyvan’s master. Cyvan in turn deactivates his lightsabers and begins to take Revan to Reika’s chambers. Apart from the sound of their boots on the dust covered floor, the two men did not make a sound as they walked. Around passageways, through grand halls, up narrow staircases they went. Finally, after arriving at the top of a particularly long spiral staircase the two men stopped.

At the top of the stairwell was a short landing ending in a heavy wrought-iron door that also contained phrik and cortosis alloys to make the door impenetrable to lightsabers. Cyvan placed his right hand on the door and, with a push Revan was certain was aided by the force, opened the door ever to let the two men in.

This room was, in contrast to the rest of the palace not nearly as dark and dismal. The room was high, with the walls leading upward to a domed ceiling. There was an awning at the end of the room which lead up and out to the top of one of the castle’s many turrets. There were no tables or chairs in the room, save for a small, scooped out, floating black sphere on the opposite side of the room in which Reika sat facing away from the two men and looking out at the evening sky. Finally, after what felt like a long time of just standing around, Cyvan finally cleared his throat to announce their guest’s arrival.

“I have completed the task you set me to master,” Cyvan said, “I have brought the jedi Revan here to your chambers.”

“So you have,” Reika said absent-mindedly without turning around to face his apprentice.

“You may leave us now Cyvan,” Reika said in a calm cold voice still without looking at his apprentice, “I no longer require your assistance.”

“Are you quite sure master,” Cyvan asked, “maybe I better stay in case…”

“I said, you may leave now, Cyvan,” interrupted Reika his voice growing colder still with an air of finality about it.”

“Yes master,” Cyvan said straightening up and turning to leave.

He was halfway out the door when the thought occurred to him.

“What should I do now master?” Cyvan called from the doorway.

“I don’t know,” Reika said exasperatedly, “amuse yourself.”

Smiling to himself, Cyvan left his masters chambers in considerably higher spirits then when he had entered just a short while ago.

“So, the great Revan has finally come to me, after all this time,” Reika said in a bemused half-whisper that nonetheless carried.

Extracting himself from the hover chair, Reika finally stood up and turned to face Revan as he approached.

“You and I,” Reika said, “have many things to discuss.”

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