Topic: Walkthrough Editor

Position: Walkthrough Editor

This person will be responsible for the writing a walkthrough for KotOR1 or KotOR2.

Responsibilities (Read carefully so that you know exactly what you must do):
- You must write a walkthrough for either game.
- The entire walkthrough does not have to be complete at first but you must work on it at least every 2-3 weeks.
- The walkthough must include screenshots and images and should be easy to follow.

No special HTML knowledge is necessary. I will explain how to add pages on the site.

Post here if you are interested then private message me. This is also a test to see if you follow directions wink.

HTML & IBF code in signatures are disabled wink.

Re: Walkthrough Editor

I would greatly appreciate the chance to something like this. I have both KOTOR games and many saves so I can access just about any part I want when I want. Plus it seems like fun.

Re: Walkthrough Editor

Well this guy did not stay.

Re: Walkthrough Editor

Revan, if you haven't found a walk through writer, I could do it. I've played thru KOTOR I several times, so i know it pretty well by now.

I Am Jedi

Re: Walkthrough Editor

Revan, Who ever you got to write the walk through for KOTOR 1 they did a great job.  big_smile  B)