Topic: Posting Etiquette

After spending the last hour and a half going through

the site cleaning off-topic posting, spams & nonsense

posts, I think this needs to be explained again.

This forum is mainly to discuss about Gameloft Games.

Whether it is a specific game or general game ideas we

are trying to make an open forum where people can have

constructive conversations about our games.

I try to keep it as open as possible, to allow each

member to express their views.

However, it is becoming very apparent that the vast

majority of recent postings have been off-topic, or did

nothing to continue the discussion.  If you have

something to say on the topic that is fine. If you feel

compelled to post in a topic just to post I am going to

take the necessary steps to ensure this spamming

doesn't continue.  Post count means absolutely nothing,

so posting to increase your post count is only going to

be considered spam.

In the future, if you spam in a topic, the post will be

deleted and the offender will be warned.  If you

continue to spam, you will receive a temporary ban.  If

this does not work and the spam continues the ban will

be permanent.

It is very difficult for members to follow the topic

discussion when there are a hundred posts in between

the posts that are on-topic.  Please try to keep this

in mind when posting on the forum.

I appreciate your activity and hope you find the forum

informative, but lets make sure it is that way for


Re: Posting Etiquette

We the Admins and Mods have been trying to do this for years and it is good to see a youngling steping up to try it too but who are you to tell others that you will ban them if they do not follow the rules because the last time I looked you do not the power to do so. Revan, Atrox, Starr and myself on the other hand do have the power to delete posts and ban people. I will view any posts and topics that a member finds to be out of place, spam or just aganist religion views and change or delete the post and it the posts warrent a ban then I will take that step.

Re: Posting Etiquette

Mic drop?

I'll either allow it or I won't. It's not up to you.