Topic: Wont respawn

My party just died at the hands of the rancor. I know how to get past it now. The message that took me to the menu popped up but when I meant back to the game it circled carts dead body and didn't respawn this keeps repeating. Will try restarting. Please help

Re: Wont respawn

One time I didn't get the menu option (it just circled around showing my dead squad for funsies), but since restarting the game it hasn't done it since. I know it's not exactly the same, but it suggests that restarting should fix it.

If restarting it doesn't work, all I can suggest is checking the running settings (eg compatibility mode, patch no., admin etc), and if not there are mods (see Nexus & GameFront) for running KOTOR on newer systems as naturally there have been a few issues here and there.

Re: Wont respawn

Restart from the beginning.

I'll either allow it or I won't. It's not up to you.