fan fiction scrollThe Exile: Chapter One

 Star Wars

There is no emotion, there is peace.
The world was set ablaze.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
Screams pierced the air.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
Smoke clogged my lungs.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
Blood painted the walls.
There is no death, there is the Force.
Then there was only silence. A deafening silence. A dead silence.

Chapter One

The word sliced through the fog; the darkness that had permeated my mind. I gasped. A rush of purified air filled my lungs. I coughed. The air tasted stale. My eyelids flickered. I heard the clicking of mechanisms, and suddenly I was cast out. The jolt as I crashed against the ground cleared my mind. My eyes opened and I preceded to observe the surroundings.
This doesn’t appear to be the medical wing of the Harbinger.
Though the room was indeed medical in nature, the occupants of the various kolto tanks appeared to be dead. They exhibited sickly skin color, and their eyes were wide and empty. Whatever killed them did not leave a physical mark on the body.
Drugs perhaps? Internal hemorrhaging?
Standing here theorizing will do little to help my current situation. First and foremost, learn of my current location and the fate of the Harbinger.
And clothes, I thought, glancing down. Dressed in only undergarments left me feeling very exposed, but as I examined the rest of the medical wing, it appeared that my only company was that of the dead. The door to the morgue was sealed magnetically, and would require slicing into the console in the medical office. The door leading to the rest of the facility was, unfortunately, stuck, and the only hope of opening lay in finding a piece of equipment suitable for cutting through thick metal.
The console provided me with little trouble. Bypassing the system security, I watched the holorecords and learned that a ship known as the Ebon Hawk had docked in the Peragus 2 Mining Facility, badly damaged with everyone dead save me.
The Ebon Hawk? How did I end up on that ship?
The last I could remember, I was aboard the Harbinger, a republic ship.
I shook my head and continued with the records. It seemed several miners were injured as a result of explosions and malfunctioning droids. But the patients would definitely survive such attacks. Their wounds were hardly life-threatening. A few external burns and bruises. So why did they die?
I clicked the patient treatment log. An access denied icon popped on the screen.
Someone didn’t want anyone to see what was on here.
I sliced into the file and found that an issue had been ordered from another console to up the dosage to a critical level, on all kolto tanks. Had I not had training to resist such levels, I would have died as well.
Who would want to spread chaos through this facility? And why?
I unlocked the morgue. There might be a tool I could use to get passed the malfunctioning door. And maybe some clothes.
The morgue held only two bodies- an old woman dressed in simple brown robes, and a charred miner.
Those robes seem in good condition…Perhaps I should….No. No, it is disrespectful of the dead. I will just have to find another source of attire.
My search of the morgue did turn up something useful. A plasma torch, hidden beside the charred corpse. It was still functional, the plasma coming to life when I clicked the button. With this, cutting through the door would be easy.
“Find what you’re looking for amongst the dead?” An elderly voice replied from behind.
I spun around to face the intruder, only to come face to face with the elderly woman dressed in brown robes.
“I thought you were dead.” I stated, observing the woman. Her silver hair was braided and hung over her shoulders. But most unusual were her eyes. They appeared a solid white, perhaps due to atrophy, but seemed to focus on me anyways. It sent a chill up my spine.
“Closer to death yes. Closer than I would like.” The woman said, pulling the hood over her eyes as if she knew I was staring.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Kreia. I am your rescuer Leila, as you are mine.”
“How do you know my name?” Suspicion tinged my voice. Who is this woman? Why does she know my name?
“It is nothing to fret with child. We have bigger problems. We must leave this facility at once. Tell me, do you recall how we arrived.”
I tried to remember, but darkness hung over my memories; shrouding them in a dream induced haze. “The last I can remember was being aboard the Harbinger. Then…nothing.”
“Your ship was attacked. You were the only survivor…no doubt a result of your Jedi training.”
I paused at this. “It is true I was a Jedi…once. But how did you know?”
“You have a heavy walk as though the weight of the world presses against your back. It is how all Jedi walk.” She stated simply. “But now is not the time for questions.”
“Very well, “ I said, “I shall search the facility for survivors and equipment, as well as information. Please wait here.”
“You may want to extent your search for clothes…if only for proper first impressions.”
I felt my face flush, but walked away silently, carrying the plasma torch in one hand. Kreia knowing I was a Jedi troubled me. She said it was by my walk, but it felt that was not the whole truth. I thought I had wiped away my past. And the voice that had awakened me, I’m sure it was hers.
What happened while I slept?

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