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 Star Wars

A kid living in a galaxy far, his name was Anakin Organa. This kid had special abilities, he was only 4 years when a famous jedi named Kresta said I will train you, and the young Anakin was glad to go to the world of the Jedi his power and intention was then the leader of the council of Jedi said you Are very strong but I’m really scared because I feel a very dark future in you, but Kresta said, I will train he, soda (leader of the jedi council) said ok but he is your responsibility.
Many years passed after the beginning of training the young Anakin and he was very strong, stronger than his master and Kresta, Anakin told him that he no longer had anything to teach, Ankin said ok, and then it was the galaxy out. But the strength was too much for him to stay there and do nothing with it and then see how much bargaining he was strong and the Sith Lord was asking if he could teach the dark side after learning the basics of the dark side dessidiu go fight in the war on the side of the Sith. Won killed many people until the time the final confrontation Ankin vs Kresta, Anakin won, and the Sith ruled the galaxy.

I know that imitated a name but sorry
Joao Cabral

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