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Okay, here’s the last chapter. It might be depressing, but how can I know? I haven’t wrote it yet!!! Just sitting in my computer chair typing and smoking a pipe! Just joking!! ;P. Listening to Welcome and Simple.

He switched off the comlink.

She walked over to him and tried kissing him, only to have him push her away.


“Bau-Dor died….”

“Where are you going?”

“Carth and Revan.”

He put on his clothes with regret.


Atton picked up Bau-Dor in his arms, still crying.

The Zabrak that had become his friend, dead.

He walked all the way back to the Ebon Hawk.

Atton put Bau-Dor into one of the chairs of the Ebon Hawk.

Atton went to the cockpit and blindly punched in the controls for Telos.

Then he went BAZZURK!!!

First getting up and punching a hole in the wall. His hand bleeded slightly.

Atton tore off the steering wheel and threw it at Bau-Dor’s dead body.

Atton ran out into Nar Shadda and killed everything he saw. Atton went a meter in the air and unleashed a storm of lightening from the sky.
Two children were staring and watching. Atton gave them a scary smile and flew at them.
His lightsaber shopped off one of their heads, the other getting force chocked.
A woman ran out of her hiding spot and went to her children. Atton broke her neck using the Force.


Revan broke down crying.

“Bau-Dor’s dead?


The Exile was still in shock from Bau-Dor’s death.

“Should we have a funeral?”

“Yeah, we should….”

“Well, we should plan it….”


Revan cried harder and buried her head into Carth’s chest.


Bau-Dor’s funeral was on a Monday.

It was raining and was all gray.

To everyones surprise Atton didn’t come.

The Exile was crying the entire time, and so were the others.


Atton walked on Korriban.

He went into all the tombs, searching them inside AND out.

The academy.

He went into the still and quiet room of the now dead Master Uthar.

There he found a hologram of Bastila.

He got onto the Ebon Hawk and flew towards Telos, for revenge.


As the Exile was walking away from the funeral he saw the Ebon Hawk coming in.

Atton walked out.

He was wearing black armour.

Everyone ran towards him without thinking about the possibility that he might be on the darkside.

He ingnited a red double–bladed saber.

The Exile stood calmly watching the people around him die from Atton’s fury.

Finally it was only Atton and the Exile.

“So, you’re on the darkside.”

“NO, I’m actually on the lightside you shit for brains bastard.”

“Atton,” the Exile said in a calm voice. “You’re not bad. Remember when I taught you to be a Jedi? Think back to that moment.”

Atton tried not to think back but he did.

Finally Atton’s features of the lightside returned.

He gave out a scream that could be heard from miles around.

“What? What’s wrong?” Carth asked running out from nowhere.

Atton then said in a hoarse whisper: “Kill me. I can’t live without these people.” He gestured toward the bodies.

“How can I kill you?”

“Please, do it.”

“Atton, I–”

“DO IT!!!!”

The Exile gave out a sigh and quickly used the Force to break Atton’s neck, quick and non–painful.

“Are you all right?” Carth asked.


From then on the Exile lived with Carth and Revan, but he never ignited his saber again.


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16 Responses to “Atton’s Revenge”

  1. Nihilus says:

    You finally killed Atton, eh? The only one left to kill him is Magg.

  2. Darth Soran says:

    YAY! Attons dead! WOO-HOO! I mean uh that was very sad……YAY! HE’S DEAD!

  3. Darth Shiin says:

    Nihilus: Magg?

    Soran: Knew you’d say that…

  4. Darth Shiin says:

    But I wanted to go a bit deppresing because my Kotor 3 stories aren’t deppresing, well the sequels are, but I- WE’RE not posting them

  5. Nihilus says:

    MaggOnasi, Shiin. Duh.

  6. Darth Shiin says:

    I mean, Magg. Just seems a bit… PERSONAL.

    Do you know her? That would be weird….

  7. Darth Shiin says:

    Wait, you don’t. Don’t answer that.

  8. Darth Shiin says:

    Anyone else want to comment *cough* MaggOnasi RevanBodygaurd?????????????????????????????????

  9. Nihilus says:

    Magg’s grounded and Andria’s in Washington, I think.

  10. Darth Shiin says:

    holy crap how do you know that?

    hehehehehehe, I thought Revanbodygaurds name was Jade.

  11. i’m not at Washington yet sillies!
    in March, i will!
    yep, my name’s Andria whoo!
    Atton dead?!? noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Darth Shiin says:

    Why u goin to washington?

    kill someone?

  13. Darth Shiin says:

    what’s the ocassion?

  14. Darth Shiin says:

    Nihilus, stop mass commentating my freaking stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. It’s a secret. Shush!
    Nah, i’m going because of this whole education thing thats really cool during my spring break for an entire week! whoo!

  16. Darth Shiin says:

    oh, spring break. forgot about that… retarded on my side of be

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