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 Credits for Bounties

Chapter 1: Dirty Business

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Pain fell from both her hands and feet; her head began to swell every time she blinked. She noticed Micro wearing nothing but a slave collar, gasping for a breath as his legs began to turn a bright shade of red and his cybernetics damaged. Nahea began to try and yell at them to stop, her voice fell short. She didn’t know howo this happened, but it happened. All she could think about was that her oldest friend was about to die. Just because she couldn’t do anything. She was unarmed, undressed and bleeding came from the edges of her mouth. It’s over, it’s all over.

The pain started after she was finally happy and earning credits… It had to happen, it had to. Just to ruin her final moment of greatness, it just so happened to start like this.

Nahea released the trigger to her blaster, sending a quick sniff of a bullet in the head of a dummy. The yellow dim lights shined on to her head; releasing small drips of sweat from her the top her white skin. She’d been practicing her shooting for over an hour, waiting for the holo-con. to ring.
“Pick up, damnet!” Nahea shouted, slashing the back of her blaster near the holo-con. She let another fire from the back of her, nearly shooting Micro in the head.
“Eesh, watch it. You’re almost as bad as a womp rat; maybe worse!” Micro chuckled, his blonde chestnut hair flew from the side of his face and swished back.
“Son of saw, are your cybernetics broken?” Nahea mumbled in a annoyed strained voice. Soon, the small blinking light shown from the holo-con- Finally. Nahea thought to herself.
“Hey Nahy, I think that’s for you!” Micro spoke. Covering his mouth with a loose fist that was keeping him from laughing. Nahea rolled her eyes at the maturity of her friend.

“Hello, looking better and better each time I give you a job to do,” The tall slender man spoke, he looked at Nahea and smiled; barely noticing the slobbish man behind her. Micro furrowed his brow and frowned as Nahea slightly smiled at the comment.
“Anyways, down with the task. I need three men taken down; they have some… Issues with me and I believe me, last time I checked it was not my day to die,” The man said, winking his right eye and Nahea. She slightly smirked then nodded.
“Looks like you picked yourself another fight, eh?” Nahea said, looking at Ethick’s finely done hair.
“Well, yes, we have a long history together and I might have done something to upset them, but if you’re looking for personal information, I’m afraid I cannot give that to you, for confidential reasons. I hope you understand,” Ethick said as his green eyes let a flicker of light pass over it as he finished speaking.
“Then fine. I just need the cord-nets for my first target,” Nahea explained, dusting off the holo-con’s control panel. The room itself was very draft, there wasn’t much light except one little yellow one off to the side.
“I will send them soon and information about him. I wish you the best of luck,” He said, and with that… The holo-con turned off.
Nahea sat down on the couch checking her data pad for more updates on her target. She was still curious as to what happened to Ethick that made many men rage. Nonetheless, she just wanted the credits. Nothing more, she kept telling herself. Micro sat down beside her, leaning over to look at the data pad.
“Ugh, you looking at that filth’s info? He never seemed trustworthy ya’ know,” Micro said  as a look of jealousy and disgust fled across his face at the same time.
“Now, now Micro. Just because he can flirt with a women and you can’t, doesn’t me you gotta go and kill the man,” Nahea laughed, she slightly shoved Micro to the side.
“H-Hey! I never anything about killing…” Micro mumbled, turning slightly red.
“Pft, come on. We both knew you were thinking it!” Nahea admitted. Crossing her arms and looking at Micro.
“Okay, maybe severely injure and I’m not jealous. Besides, like I said, I’m not into… relationships…” Micro tried to say. He looked away and sighed. Nahea slightly smiled, then laughed at her friend. Mumbling nonsense to herself.
After ten minutes of awkward silence, the data pad blinked.
“Oh look, it’s that hip guy sending you some ‘info’,” Micro mimicked.
“Shut up, Micro,” Nahea growled, checking the data pad for her target’s details. She smiled at the end of the data pad’s message. Micro tried to ignore it.
“Alright Micro, get your shoe cleaner ready; we’re heading to Hutta!” Nahea shouted, pointing her finger towards the ship’s exit.
“Hutta? That place is shit!” Micro sulked. Nahea rolled her eyes and ignored Micro. She got up and swiftly walked to the cock pot, displaying a holo-projection of the galaxy, zooming in on Hutta. She leaned forward and pulled a shiny lever; making the ship thrust into the dark galaxy.

A loud thud hit the side of the ship, tossing everyone inside it to the wall. Nahea let out a slight noise of pain. Micro quickly toppled into the cockpit, but another thud hit and he fell to the ground, knocking his blaster out of his hilt.
Micro tried to reach for his blaster as it fell, but soon another crash came and the ship  rattled a long with everything and everyone in it. A dark blood liquid ran from Nahea’s nose onto the floor. Micro looked up with blurry vision, calling faintly out Nahea’s name. He stumbled to get up, but fell back down. Nahea responding in what sounded to her actual words, but waere easily mistaken as grunts. She covered her nose with the back of her hand, blood running down over her padded gloves. Another rumble hit hard and Nahea dropped down, releasing her hand from her nose; hearing only a faint sound of a foot steps and voices inside the ship’s hallways, she tried reaching for her blasters, but slowly it turned black.

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