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kotor fan fiction scroll New Beginnings. by
  Atton RandCanderous OrdoExile (Female/Dark Side)

3953 years Before the Battle of Yavin Prologue Red and Silver light flashed as Lady Rayna Fenris and Darth Sion dueled to the death. Sion’s pale gray, cracked, and scarred body moved in unnatural ways as Lord Sion moved fluidly under the dark side of the Force. Wearing only black pants and boots from the […]

Written Thursday, February 26th, 2009 No Comments »
Category: Atton Rand, Canderous Ordo, Exile (Female/Dark Side), Exile (Female/Light Side), G0-T0, HK-47, Knights of the Old Republic, Kreia, Mandalore, Mira, Star Wars, T3-M4, The Disciple, The Last Handmaiden, Visas Marr

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