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11. Dantooine PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 14 August 2008

After you arrive on Dantooine, you are railroaded into becoming a Jedi (poor you). Once you finish your training, you will be given three tests, the first two of which are very easy. The first test is to learn the Jedi code, which you can get from Belaya in the garden. The code goes:

There is no passion, only peace.

There is no ignorance, only knowledge.

There is no anger, only serenity.

There is no chaos, only harmony.

There is no death, only the Force.

The second test is to choose your Jedi class. Statistical information about the classes is available from the training computer in the room near the Council chamber. Dorak will also quiz you to help you determine a class. (You can also read my comparison , you lucky dog, you.) Once you have chosen a class, you will be given enough XP to reach the next level (typically 9) and forced into levelling up. (If you used the trick of not levelling on Taris, you can now level up several times in your new Jedi class.) Note, you will have to level as a Jedi from now on, you can no longer choose to level in your previous class (unlike other RPGs). The third test is to cleanse a sacred grove of a dark taint. After that, you will be called upon to discover the secrets of the Star Maps and the Star Forge.

Jedi Enclave

  1. Ebon Hawk.
  2. Merchant.
  3. Garden. Belaya wanders around here. Belaya can teach you the code of the Jedi to pass your first test. Belaya is also Juhani's best friend and how you deal with Juhani (see below) will affect Belaya's future reactions to you.
  4. Jedi Council chamber.
  5. The occupants of these three rooms change depending on the outcomes of some other quests. The east-most room is the home of Sol'aa, a pazaak player. The middle room is initially empty. The west-most room initially is occupied by Ahlan Matale as he awaits the Jedi Council's pleasure. He is not talkative.
  6. Exit to Courtyard.


Once you exit the enclave, be on the lookout for kath hounds. There are three types: kath hounds, horned kath hounds (tougher), albino kath hound (toughest). They respawn, so no area is ever completely safe. In some cases, if you are in a hurry, you can often skirt a herd without them noticing you. Just as in the Taris Undercity, don't transit out in the middle of a herd you just killed, they'll be there waiting for you when you jump back in...

  1. Exit to Enclave
  2. Exits to Matale Grounds
  3. Ruins. These are off-limits until you cleanse the taint from the grove (third initiation task).
  4. Jon is a settler who's daughter has been murdered by Madalorian raiders. You'll get a quest to kill the raiders and can return to him for a reward after killing the leader. Turn down the reward to receive Light Side points or threaten him for more to receive Dark Side points.
  5. Elise is a lady who has lost her droid. She really, really misses him. Agree to find him. Nearby is Adum Larp, a merchant dealing in high-powered weaponry.

Matale Grounds

This area is just teeming with kath hounds. Using ranged weapons to draw hounds towards you is the better policy, as running to one group may draw another group towards you. The only "safe" spot is right around the Matale estate, which seems to be mercifully free of the beasts.

  1. Exits to Courtyard
  2. Exits to Grove
  3. Matale estate. You can't enter this estate.
  4. This is where you'll find Zuulan if you are doing the Genoharadan Assassination quests. He attempts to beg for his life, but I didn't hear him out (I was playing dark side, what can I say?)
  5. The body of Casus Sandral can be found here; however, it will only appear after you have received the Sandral-Matale Feud quest. To get this quest, you have to first finish the Jedi trials by cleansing the grove.
  6. One of three groups of Mandalorian raiders that you must dispatch before you will be able to find and confront their leader and finish Jon's quest for revenge.


  1. Exits to Matale Grounds. There are a large number of kath hounds directly around the Eastern exit. Be very careful when entering through here.
  2. Exits to Sandral Grounds
  3. Grove. Juhani is a Jedi Guardian who has fallen to the dark side after striking down her master in anger. You'll have to fight her for a bit, and then you will have the opportunity to turn her back to the light. Just use those answers that follow the Jedi Code (you do remember the code, don't you?) You can also just choose to kill her. Turn her to the light and she will later join your group of companions. Kill her and her best friend, Belaya, will turn to the dark side and later seek revenge against you. Once you've finished with Juhani, return to Zhar in the training room to close out your Jedi trials. Then go see the Council to initiate the quest to investigate the ruins and also get the Sandral-Matale Feud quest.
  4. One of three groups of Mandalorian raiders that you must dispatch before you will be able to find and confront their leader and finish Jon's quest for revenge. This is also where you will find the leader of the raiders, Sherruk, once you've dispatched the first three groups.
  5. Jedi trial (no, a different one). You'll meet Bolook on the bridge, and he is investigating a murder. Agree to act as investigator in the matter and you'll be taken to the scene of the crime. Rickard Lusoff and Handon Guld are each accusing the other of murdering Calder Nettic. Talk to Rickard first, and find him stating he couldn't see well because the sun was in his eyes--kind of hard when Bolook has stated it was a very cloudy morning. Talk to Handon and the droid and then discuss the case with Bolook. Accuse Rickard of lying and move to the next stage. Question each man and the droid again and then discuss the case with Bolook. Accuse Rickard of lying again, and you'll move to the third stage of questioning. Question Handon about the weapon and he'll claim it was stolen. Also mention he knew the victim well and he'll admit Calder was having an affair with his wife. Now ask the droid about the stolen weapon and he'll say there is no stolen weapons report. Again discuss the case with Bolook and accuse Handon of lying about the blaster. Now comes the final stage, the blood analysis. The droid will tell you the blood on the weapon is not Calder's. Discuss the case with Bolook, tell him the blood is Handon's and he will check Handon's injury. Then accuse both men of being guilty. Your reward is a spiffy 1,310 XP.

Sandral Grounds

  1. Exits to Grove
  2. Sandral estate. Once you've found Casus' body (though it's not necessary to complete this quest, it does help a bit), talk to the droid outside to be taken in to see Nurik Sandral.
  3. Crystal cave. Near the entrance to this cave you will find CB-42, Elise's droid. He is running away because Elise had become a bit too...ahem...obsessive over him. He wants you to destroy him. Offer to do so and tell Elise the truth for Light Side points. Tell him you will destroy him and lie to Elise for Dark Side points. If you tell him to go back to Elise because she needs him, you'll move neither light nor dark and get less XP to boot. If you tell Elise the truth, you will later find her snuggling with a new (non-droid) friend in one of the rooms to the north of the Jedi Council chambers.
  4. One of three groups of Mandalorian raiders that you must dispatch before you will be able to find and confront their leader and finish Jon's quest for revenge.

Sandral Estate

Once you enter here, you will find Nurik Sandral has kidnapped Shen Matale, and Rahasia Sandral wants you to free him. She'll give you a key to the back door and send you on your way.

  1. Front door.
  2. Courtyard. You cannot go further into the house from here. You will first meet Nurik Sandral. For Dark Side points, tell him Casus is a "kath hound chew toy" (you have to first have discovered Casus' body) and/or force him to pay you for Casus' diary.
  3. Back door. Once Rahasia gives you the key, enter here and watch out for droids and mines.
  4. Security room. You can do the usual with the computer console.
  5. Shen Matale's prison. He won't leave without Rahasia. Isn't that sweet? Don't you just want to slap him? :sigh: Leave him there and go find Rahasia and convince her to run away too.
  6. Rahasia's room. Speak to her and tell her Shen won't leave without her. She'll agree to meet you outside. Don't speak to Shen again until you are ready to leave.
  7. If neither you, nor anyone in your party, has lock-picking (Security) skills, you can get a prison key in this room.

Once you go outside with Shen, Ahlan Matale and Nurik Sandral will show up and argue with their children. There are three possible outcomes: Ahlan and Nurik agree to put aside their differences for the sake of their children (requires a very difficult Persuade check); or, Rahasia and Shen run away together and seek shelter in the Jedi enclave (you'll find them in one of the north rooms if this happens); or, you convince Shen and Rahasia to part company. You can actually earn Light Side points for all three resolutions (depending on how you handle the situation). You can earn Dark Side points for the last resolution if you convince Shen he would be better off without Rahasia. The only way to get either of the first two resolutions is to follow the "You two need to calm down" conversation tree after Nurik and Ahlan first show up. Telling them "Don't make me intervene" or "Just shoot each other and get it over with" will inevitably lead to the third resolution.

If you really want some Dark Side points, take the fourth option. When given the chance, lie to Nurik and tell him Ahlan really did kill his son Cassus. Nurik will kill Shen, Ahlan will kill Rahasia, Nurik will kill Ahlan, Ahlan's droids will kill Nurik and finally you will kill all the droids. Everybody ends up dead and you end up with a heapin' helpin' of DS points.

Crystal Cave

  1. Exit to Sandral Grounds
  2. Cavern. There are crystal formations here that will reward the searcher with one each green, blue and yellow color crystal, two Rubat crystals and one Bondar crystal. If you smash the kinrath eggs, you can obtain ten red color crystals.


Upon entering the center room, you'll see the body of Jedi Knight Nemo and an Ancient Droid. Nemo's got a Jedi Knight robe on him (+2 Defense), so make sure you loot it before you leave. The droid will tell you a few tidbits about the Builders and the Star Forge and mention you can find more information if you prove yourself worthy. Enter the rooms to the east and west to prove yourself.

  1. Exit to Courtyard
  2. Death seal. There's a guard droid in this room that uses a freezing ray. Use ion grenades and weapons or physical weapons as energy weapons (blasters and lightsabers) have little effect against its shielding. Once defeated, go to the computer console and choose to talk to it. Then choose to put your datapad into it. Then choose to talk to it again. Now you will be asked to name the three death-giving seed world types. They are: desert, volcanic and barren.
  3. Life seal. The droid in this room uses a flamethrower. Again, ion and physical weapons work best. After instructing the computer in your language, tell it the three life-giving seed world types: oceanic, grassland and arboreal. Now the main doors into the Star Map chamber will be unlocked.
  4. Star Map. Look. Go "Oooh" and "Aaah" and then return to the Council for further instructions.


Your time on Dantooine is now done. Make sure you wrap up any quests before you go (although, you can come back later if you wish). Before you leave, speak to a Twi'lek named Lur Arka Sulas standing near your ship. He is looking for a kidnapped girl named Sasha. Remember that...


After you leave Dantooine, Zaalbar will inform you someone has been stealing from the ship's stores. You investigate and find what appears to be evidence of a stowaway. Run around the ship for a bit until you get the message you hear footsteps coming from the cargo hold. You'll find a little girl named Sasha. She speaks badly mutilated Mandalorian, but you can, with patience, learn to communicate with her. For Light Side points, return to Dantooine and inform Lur Arka Sasha has been found and bring him on the ship to meet her. For Dark Side points, simply order Sasha off the ship.



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