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9. Taris: Undercity, Sewers & Black Vulkar Base PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 14 August 2008


While in Undercity, you can use the Rapid Transit system for quick healing at your hideout. Be careful though, rakghoul respawn (keep returning) in this area, so leaving right after a battle and returning will land you right back in the middle of a pack. Find a safe area before transitting out. You can also get healing in the village. One method of dealing with the large groups of rakghouls in this area is to let Mission use Stealth to sneak through them to obtain the items you want. The primary infestations of rakghouls are at (E) and (F), so sneak in and get what you need and leave the rakghouls in peace.

  1. To Lower City. The first time you come down here, you'll be accosted by beggars demanding 5 credits to use "their" elevator. Ask them who they are and then give them 20 credits for Light Side points. Chase them away with threats of death for Dark Side Points.
  2. Gendar and Rukil. Rukil will give you a quest to find his apprentice. Once you've found her body and return with her journal, he will give you a quest to find two more journals that will lead to the "Promised Land". You can get Dark Side points by collecting the journals and selling them to Igear, the salvage merchant. Gendar just hangs around not telling you anything you don't already know. Once you've recovered the journals, return them to Rukil and the outcasts will leave the village.
  3. Cage of infected villagers. Once you have the rakghoul serum, return here and enter the cage. Three villagers will turn to rakghouls and attack you. Kill them, then heal the other two villagers with the serum (you'll still have enough to give Zelka in the Upper City). You receive Light Side points for this. The healer standing next to the gate will heal your party once you've helped the villagers.
  4. Village main gate. When you first approach this gate, a man named Handar will be running for his life towards the village. Once outside (whether you choose to help or not), you will be approached by Mission Vao seeking help to rescue Zaalbar, who has been captured by slavers. You have to do this to get into the Black Vulkar base, so accept her offer and Mission will join your party.
  5. You'll find the body of Rukil's apprentice in this area. Return her journal to Rukil to continue the quest and get more information about the history of Taris.
  6. This is where you'll find a body of a Sith soldier with rakghoul serum still on him. Use it in the village and return what's left to Zelka, or sell it to Zax in the bounty hunter office for Dark Side points.
  7. Exits to Lower Sewers
  8. Crashed Republic escape pod. There's an infected Republic soldier near here that can be cured if you already have the serum from (F)

Lower Sewers

The Lower Sewers are full of rakghouls and Gammorean slavers. You cannot transit out to your base, so make sure you are carrying plenty of antidote and medpacks.

  1. Exits to Undercity
  2. Exit to Upper Sewers. A force field blocks this exit, but Mission knows the codes to disable it. First, you'll have to help her rescue Zaalbar from the slavers.
  3. Gammorean slavers' compound. You'll find Zaalbar here, and he will swear a life-debt to you for rescuing him. The upshot is you get Mission and Zaalbar permanently added to your group, though you do not have to use the two of them together. Zaalbar is a pretty good melee fighter at this point in the game. Equip him with one or two vibro blades for maximum carnage. Just to the west is a locked footlocker with Zaalbar's bowcaster in it. While not much use to Zaalbar, Mission will enjoy this weapon quite a bit (especially one you fully upgrade it).
  4. Corpses with Promised Land journals. Once you've retrieved all three journals (these two and the apprentice journal) return them to Rukil for Light Side points or sell them to Igear for Dark Side points.

Upper Sewers

  1. Exit to Lower Sewers.
  2. Rancor nest. Collect rancor odor from a severed arm near the door. Put the odor in the corpse pile in the center of the room and leave at least one frag grenade in the pile (there are 2 already there). Wait for the rancor to come eat the grenade and blow up, then move to the exit.
  3. Exit to Black Vulkar base.

Black Vulkar Base Level 1

  1. Exit to Upper Sewers
  2. Armory. There is a computer console here. With a decent Computer skill and a supply of spikes, you can do some serious damage. At the least, you will want to open all the doors and overload the power conduit in the barracks (unless you just really, really like cutting your way through hordes of enemies...)
  3. Rec room. There's a waitress in distress here. For some Light Side points, tell her she's free to go. For Dark Side points, tell her it's too big a risk letting her live. Carth will intervene and tell her to run away, but you still get the "evil credit".
  4. Exit to Lower City. These are the doors marked "B" on my Lower City map. You'll take this way out once you have the swoop bike accelerator.
  5. Control room. The Vulkar in here will surrender after only a short fight. Letting him go didn't earn any Light Side points, but killing him does earn Dark Side points (see how easy it is to fall to the dark side?)
  6. Barracks. If you were smart, you used the computer to overload the power conduit in here. Otherwise, get ready to rumble! There are at least a half-dozen Vulkar in this room. Make sure you loot everything to get a passcard to the elevator.
  7. Pool. There's some nice loot in the footlocker at the bottom of the pool, but it's booby-trapped. Reprogram the nearby droid to crawl into the pool and self-destruct, then collect your winnings.
  8. Elevator to second level of base. There are gun turrets guarding the elevator. You can take them out manually, slice the computer (requires high computer skill and a lot of spikes), or use a passcard taken off one of the unfortunates in the barracks.

Black Vulkar Base Level 2

  1. Elevator to first level of base.
  2. Swoop bike garage.
  3. Garage head's office. There's a computer terminal in here where you can perform the usual tricks. You can also get a passcard from the desk, which will open the Loading Bay doors.
  4. Loading Bay. The patrol droid in here is pretty tough. Ion guns and grenades are the way to go. Make sure you have energy shields activated before opening the doors. If you haven't found the head's passcard, reprogram a droid from over near where you came in to bash down the door. Make sure to loot the locked footlocker--there's 2,000 credits in there you will need soon.
  5. There's a workbench in this room if you're hankering to upgrade any of your weapons or armor.
  6. Engine lab. This is a fairly nasty fight. Lots of grenades are the order of the day. First, you'll be given an opportunity to betray Gadon Thek and help the Vulkars win the race. You can guess what you get for doing that...Collect the swoop accelerator, return to level 1 and exit through the doors to the south. Kill the guards, then return to Gadon at the Bek HQ and get ready to race a swoop bike.

Swoop Race

You get five heats to make the fastest time. Here's the way it works. As soon as you beat the current fastest time (around :38 seconds), one of the Vulkars will beat you by a fraction of a second. You then have to beat his new time and you'll win. So, you can actually finish this in only two heats. Just make sure your first heat that beats :38 doesn't beat it by too much, because you'll have to race even faster next heat. After you've saved Bastila, follow the storyline to the point where you have to invade the Sith base...



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Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 August 2008 )
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