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When I try to edit my post on the Knight of the Old Republic forum I get the following error message:

"Warning! The following errors must be corrected before your message can be posted:
Count of options can't be less than 2."

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My post on the Knights of the Old Republic forum is "Korriban joke" and now I'm getting the error message here.


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Sometimes you have to give it a moment or three to recognise that a post had posted. Or to stop it thinking you're trying to spam the forum as it has a limit on number of posts in a set time.

Else, hope one of the mods actually still comes on here...

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Also, I want my name here to be Marius, because I think that is the name of Bastila's father.

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If it's not an option in the profile settings, then you'll need a mod, and that's assuming they have that power.

Jester will know if it's possible.

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A possible jester return...chilling

I'll either allow it or I won't. It's not up to you.