Topic: Madrid S.A.D announced Costa back

Atletico Madrid officially announced that the former horse race striker Spanish international Diego - Costa officially return to the team, the details of the contract did not specifically disclose, cheap fifa 18 coins but to be sure that Costa will be in January 18 years to qualify.
Atletico Madrid and Chelsea have reached an agreement to agree with Diego - Costa's transfer matters. The deal between the Atletico Madrid and the Spanish striker will take effect. Chelsea Club has authorized Diego - Costa in the next few days to go to Madrid for medical examination, and signed a contract with Atletico. According to Ma Ka reported that the two sides will be signed to 2021.
In the second half of 17 years, Atletico could not buy the players, so Costa did not have the qualifications to register, and his registration time will be 18 years in January.
In 2007, Diego - Costa joined Atletico, but he was in the Atletico Madrid can not get the position, the summer of 2009 was sold to Balado Deli. 10-11 season, Atletico recalled Costa,  cheap fifa coins 2012-13 season, Costa each game harvest 20 balls, and help the bed corps won the King's Cup.
14-15 season, Costa to 32 million pounds of transfer fee to join Chelsea, and to help Chelsea to win the Premiership championship. 16-17 season, Chelsea again aspirations to the Premiership, Costa Athletic played 35 times all starting and scored 20 goals.
And because of the deterioration of the relationship with the Conti, was excluded from the new season outside the Costa did not choose to rejoin, after 102 days of negotiations, Costa finally got his wish to return to Atletico. And Beijing time next Thursday morning, Atletico will be in the Champions League group match home game with Chelsea staged a confrontation.