Topic: Coutinho:I don’t pay attention to Barca

Liverpool star Kutiniao seems to be on the transfer between Barcelona and Barcelona rumors are not cold, he said he is now on the Red Army and the Brazilian national team.
The scandal between Kutiniao and Barcelona has been passed for a long time. Last season, reliable place to buy fifa coins he played very well in the team of Klopp, and even can be said that since January 2013, he transferred from Liverpool Liverpool after the best season, 13 league goals plus 7 assists results Single can explain the problem.
Earlier this year, 25-year-old Kudiniao has just renewed with Liverpool to 2022, but this did not cut off the scandal between him and Barcelona. But when it comes to the possibility of moving Barcelona, Kudiniao is not very concerned about it.
"This thing is complicated," Kutiniao told reporters. "I have a contract with my current club, but also very long, so my attention is all in the moment, there are national team, cheap and reliable fifa 17 coins my focus is here."
Kutiniao is currently working with the Brazilian national team in Australia, on Friday they just in a friendly 0-1 lost to Argentina. Although Kutiniao himself has repeatedly tried to clarify the scandal with Barcelona, but as the Brazilian national team coach Titt that if you can join Barcelona, Kutiniao will be a good red and blue army added.
"In my opinion, Barcelona's pursuit of him is absolutely justified," Titt told the Daily Sport newspaper. "Like Kutiniao, who has the magic, creativity, the ability to change the rhythm and the organization of the offensive players, which team do not want it?