Topic: Running Win10 laptop, KOTOR crashes @killing Ajunta Pall

Anyone have an idea what I can do? I'm running KOTOR from a CD install on a CyberpowerPC laptop gotten last christmas with Win10 and game running on XP compat mode and Cheat active. No problems in the game until getting to Ajunta Pall's tomb, got the sword, I defeat the ghost and immediately the game crashes. I've altered screen resolution and graphic settings (down from max) with no difference.

Re: Running Win10 laptop, KOTOR crashes @killing Ajunta Pall

I'm not normally the person to ask for this (that's how I found this forum, needed help solving a technical issue). However I remember Korriban decided to corrupt my save, so I'm assuming you've tried a reloading a few different saves to reload the area or something?

I do have a win 10 computer, so I can try running some of my old saves to see if it's just a win 10 issue. I discovered the hard way that Vista meant you couldn't access the Undercity in Taris. It might just be something daft like that? But those saves would've been transferred from win 7.

If not hope people more knowledgeable pop back onto the forum with better suggestions.

Re: Running Win10 laptop, KOTOR crashes @killing Ajunta Pall

I have tried loading different saves and it continues to crash after either defeating or agreeably leaving Ajunta Pall in his tomb.

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Out of interest has it been running fine up until this point? I've had a quick nosey and there seems to be some reported glitching on Nvidia GPUs that if you disable frame buffer & soft shadows then it works again. But I'd have expected you to have experienced issues before Ajunta if that were the case.

Like I said, I'll try and run some of my old saves through Win 10, though I won't be able to until either later today or tomorrow (currently away). Hopefully if I can replicate the problem I can fix it, but no promises.

Edit; some of the sites I checked also mentioned different compatibility modes, so I don't know if it's worth your time trying any different ones? If you haven't already of course.

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Re: Running Win10 laptop, KOTOR crashes @killing Ajunta Pall

The game initially ran fine. However once I got off of the ship that you start on and down to Taris, graphic errors started creeping in. I don't know the technical term but it almost looked like steel rods shoving through the environment. I looked at the properties to check out the graphics and found that for whatever reason the game had been running off the motherboard graphics card. I switched it to the Nvidia gpu and the problem resolved. I've not encountered any other errors up until this Ajunta Pall crash. I haven't tried any other modes to run it in besides XP Svc Pack 2 and 3. I guess I could try others.

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I know the "steel rod" thing you're referring to. I have to disable grass to not get that effect in the Taris Undercity, I couldn't find a fix for it because it seems generally accepted that that causes bugs on many devices.

I only mentioned them 'cause they're nice quick things to try whilst waiting on someone more knowledgeable to offer suggestions or before I can try and replicate the problem (though I don't guarantee I'll be able to fix it if I can, but I'll try).

There's also the patch version, but if I remember correctly, the first time you install it insists on running the patch checker. Whether or not they're all still in the same place (so the program knows where to look) after Disney bought LucasArts who knows...

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Re: Running Win10 laptop, KOTOR crashes @killing Ajunta Pall

I'm afraid I might not be any use to you. I've just reloaded one of my old saves (created on a win 7 run-through) on my win 10 PC, and it allows me to enter Ajunta's tomb and leave again, regardless of whether or not I take the peaceful or aggressive options with Ajunta.

However I do have a few mods on my game, including a graphics one to allow screen res the game wasn't originally intended for. And like I said the save isn't done on win 10 the whole way through, so it might be something dodgy created earlier on that's causing it. The compatibility settings on mine are XP SP3, running as admin, and it's running full graphics, patched to 1.03(.514077, but it's the 1.03 that's the important bit I think).

I can have a snoop around for some more information on win 10 glitches, but I'm not sure there's much more I might be able to help with. Unless you want to try altering ini files, which I think is where the frame buffer & soft shadow settings are...

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Re: Running Win10 laptop, KOTOR crashes @killing Ajunta Pall

Any way you could direct me to get some of the mods you have for the game? Maybe one of them will fix the issue? And thanks in any case for trying!

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Turns out I only have three on my win 10 one, one of which I didn't have when I tested it as I got it today (for some reason depending on if I'm on my old or new PC I get health regen or not).

So on Win 10 I have;
KOTOR - 1920x1080 (found under HUD corrections here; … d-republic)

Party Clothing (

K1 Regen ( this one wasn't installed when I tested it yesterday)

I can't imagine any of the above should magically fix it, but you never know with this game. I also had a look in my ini file and I can't see anything weird in it other than the res fix in the first mod.

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Re: Running Win10 laptop, KOTOR crashes @killing Ajunta Pall

Just to let you know I've managed to get through to Ajunta Pall on my full win 10 play-through. I haven't done much of the game, Taris, Dantooine then Korriban & straight to Ajunta the fastest way to test. And I still haven't been able to replicate the bug. I can take both aggressive & peaceful options and can still leave the tomb without the game crashing.

Out of interest, which cheat did you use? Or by cheat active do you mean you simply enabled the console?