Topic: You could additionally use Zen Drop

You could additionally use "Zen Drop" and "Magic Gem Gain" to get the principle currency, Zen, and Magic Gems lots additional simply. Stats that enhance the searching rewards are gettable, that area unit the "Item Drop Rate", that permits you to accumulate further things once defeating buy mu legend zen monsters, and the "Uncommon Item Drop Rate", that will increase the prospect of much better product obtaining born. "Item Pickup Radius" displays the range among that it's doable to select up product.

Attributes: Check the Attack/Damage variations as made public by monster grade, size and kind
Monsters within the sport are available all distinctive grades, sizes and types, and in some cases for monsters of your exact same level, it are often way more robust to hunt them supported these characteristics.

That's just because every and each cut back and increase mu legend zen in injury is calculated otherwise as made public by the characteristics with the monster. graphic symbol information (C) > further info tab > Attributes for particulars.BY here thanks, well done!