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Chapter 11…
Cracks of Sanity

(The Jedi Temple on Coruscant)

A lone figure approaches the temple. He is clad in all too familiar armor of a man who many long believed to be dead.

“Time to see if I still got it,” the figure said. With a purposeful malevolent grin, concealed behind his helmet, Darth Revan ignited his blood red lightsaber.

As he approached the temple, a ghostly metallic voice called out from behind.

“Revan,” the force ghost of Malak called out, “this fall is in vain, you are making a meaningless sacrifice.”

Darth Revan stammered and looked around as another voice from his past called out to him

“Revan, why have you fallen?” the image of Bastila asked.

“You two are dead….” Revan said, shaking his head and dropping his lightsaber.

“You’re only figments of my imagination,” he said, with failed resolve.

“We are not Revan,” Malak responded.

“I am ashamed that you, the only man to ever try and turn me back to the light as fallen into the abyss of the dark side once more.”

“Get out of my head. You’re not real!” shouts Revan as waves of pure force energy starts to shoot out of him.

“It’s not to late to turn back” begs Bastila.

“I can’t I must protect them,” roared Revan, making the force ghosts disappear.

“Now, back to my task at hand,” Revan picking up his lightsaber. Then looking up to see the council is at the foot of the temple.

“Revan, why are you here?” called out Visas Mar.

“Simple,” Revan stated coldly, “to test myself.”

With that, Revan stabbed his blood red blade into the chest of Visas Mar.

“Why, Revan?” Visas gasped with her final breath.

He stares coldly into her eyes as the life fades out of them. Darth Revan then made his way up the stairs to the main lobby. There the rest of the council was waiting for him, lightsabers ignited and ready. However, Darth Revan simply laughs and with a flick of the wrist, sends the council flying in every direction.

“Pathetic…” mutters Revan as he walked off to continue his test of strength.

He turned down a corridor and more jedi sprung out to try and stop him, but Darth Revan was not to be stopped. He was possessed of an unquenchable thirst which he longed to satisfy. Revan crushed and choked all those who came before him in hopes of detaining him. He finally reached the end of the corridor and came upon a training room filled with young pupils practicing their lightsaber skills. Upon entering the room he knew what he must do; he knew what would satisfy the thirst in him. One of the padawan’s looked up from her training and asked, “who are you?”

Swiftly, wasting no time, Revan called upon the force and lifted the little girl off of her feet. Letting his anger flow through him, he began to choke the girl in mid-air in front of all of her classmates. Darth Revan delighted in the little girl’s screams of terror and pain. As her classmates looked on, paralyzed, Revan tightened his fist and the little girl spluttered, unable to draw breath, before her gurgling sounds annoyed Revan, who threw her violently to the ground and stomped on her throat, crushing her larynx and killing her. The others were crying and looking around frightened. Revan showered the room in force lightning, and listened to the screams of the younglings as their skin crackled and burned. He laughed manically as he increased the power of the lighting, frying all the jedi kids at once. Once all were dead, he fried them some more, scarring and burning the bodies to the point that they were unrecognizable.

“It’s not enough,” Darth Revan screamed, “no matter how many I kill it’s not enough.”

With that he turned and wheeled around to leave. If there was one person who could help him get rid of this emptiness, Revan knew who it was. With his bloodlust only slightly abated, he left to seek out the answer to his problems.

“It’s time I struck a deal,” Revan said, and without further ado, he boarded his ship and headed off into space.

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7 Responses to “Knights of the Old Republic: Chapter 11”

  1. Shiin says:

    Reika, he’s going to Reika.

    oh, bloody story.

    is this the next chapter in Shadow’s of the Light????????????????

  2. Darth_Cyvan says:

    yes it is, i though i was forgetting something

  3. Shiin says:

    So Revan’s turned???

    not good!!!

  4. Darth_Cyvan says:

    has anybody watched any of the saw movies?

  5. Shiin says:

    never in a lifetime.

    NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER WILL I WATCH THOSE MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    god I would have a stroke.

  6. Darth_Cyvan says:

    i asked because then next few chapter will be heavily influenced by them

  7. Shiin says:

    okay, well I probably won’t recognize the based-on-the-plot-of-SAW thing.

    THIS movie looks FREAKY!!!!

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