fan fiction scrollDarth Nihilus’s new apprentice part 5 Unwelcome Reunion

 Exile (Female/Light Side)Exile (Male/Dark Side)Revan (Male/Dark Side)

Darth Viron walked down into the Ravanger hanger ready to go on a personal mission of is own choosing when a sith trooper came up to him. Sir we have recently captured two prisoners and they are being brought aboard the Ravenger now. I think you will want to see them mi’lord. My fellow troopers identifed them as The last handmaiden and strangly enougth your struggling to be light sided exiled sister. Really? Viron asked slightly surprised. Well in that case throw them into the prison area, strip them of their clothes, and have Visas be ready to interrogate them when I tell here to do so. Yes mi’lord! said the sith trooper A few hours later Viron walked to the interrigation roon where Visas and Griveous were. He could see that Visas kept stareing at the jedi killing cyborg afraid. Are you ready Visas? Viron asked. Yes. she said. Griveous stayed outside the torture chamber while Viron went in with Visas so he could watch. The Handmaiden and Viron’s exiled sister were trapped in a tourture force field stripped of their clothing wearing only their underwear. Activate the tourture devices. Said Viron enjoying their screams and pleadings to make the torture stop. TO BE CONTINUED.

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