fan fiction scrollKnights of the Old Republic: Shadows of the Light Chapter 14 Part 2

 Exile (Female/Dark Side)Exile (Female/Light Side)Star Wars

Chapter 14 The Median
Part 2: Ebb and Flow

Dusk on Dantooine; three years have passed since the murder of Bastila, since the Massacre at the Jedi Temple, since the disappearance of Revan.

Telia paces anxiously around her quarters in the empty enclave waiting for Atton to return.

“Where is he?” she says, failing to disguise the worry in her tone.

Suddenly, a piercing alarm goes off, throwing Telia into a frantic state of panic.

“What could possibly be going….” Telia trailed off, her eyes slowing growing wide, her mouth falling slightly agape, a cold sweat beating down her forehead, a true sense of horror slowly enveloping her, eclipsing all of her other senses. She ran quickly, headed for the door, only to see as she arrived that the door was already being opened by somebody else. With a great bang and a miniature explosion, the door collapsed inward and in the smoke billowing from the hole in the wall she could just begin to make out the outline of a figure standing in the ruined doorway.

“You must come with me,” the figure said, “even your master said it must be.” “This must happen if you ever want to see them alive ever again.” “You will come with me or they will die.”

“You’re right,” Telia said, resolved, “I must do what I swore I’d never do.”

“Good, now come with me,” the figure said.

Telia looked at it in a full sense for the first time, not just physically but through the force as well.
She realized for the first time she wasn’t alone for the figure felt empty like she was.

“What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?” The cloaked man said, “come with me, now.”

“Sorry master,” she replied and moved quickly to catch up with him.

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