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 Exile (Female/Light Side)Star Wars

Chapter 14…
The Median…………
Part 1: Calm Before the Storm

Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.” This is certainly true in our story. So now, let us review the characters who’s actions will shift the course of the galaxy.

First, the dark lord of the sith Cyvan. He is a troubled soul who’s very sanity is at stake. There are times where this one person seems to be more then just one person. To fully understand, we must go back to the end off the Mandalorian Wars, where Revan himself was crowned victor after slaying Mandalore the Ultimate. Cyvan is his son, and thus a true warrior in every right. However, no matter how strong a man is, how tough his armor is, he can always be beaten for there is more than one way to destroy a man. Cyvan not only lost his father to Revan, but his mother to Malak as well. Cyvan used to be one of the most caring and kind of all the Mandalorians. However, that all changed when at a young age he was forced to fight at the battle of Malachor. Apart from the slaying of his only family, he also bore witness to the activation of the Mass-Shadow Generator. It unhinged his mind, and thus he swore revenge by any means possible. Partly to achieve this goal, and partly as a coping device, Cyvan created other personalities.

The Brute is the most commonly seen personality. He is hot headed and impulsive. Although prone to rash acts of hatred, he is by no means the feared one.

The Con is his other common personality. The Con specializes is all thing deceitful and covert. Because of this the other personalities hate him, but do not fear him.

The Sadist is a rarely seen personality. Thriving on pain and suffering, his only appearance so far was when he slaughtered Bastila for sheer sport. However, he too knows fear.

The Demon is his last personality. Often simply referred to as, Cyvan, he is unlike all the others in that he has his full complement of force abilities, sith magic, and his null power, which for a short duration creates a localized anti-matter energy field which can effectively negate lightsabers and force powers. However, this power is extremely taxing and thus is not used lightly. The Demon only appears in times of dire need. The one time we have seen him was during his training with Reika. He is the oldest and most powerful of all the personalities and he alone knows the whereabouts of the children.

Now we move on the blind one who sees all, Lord Reika. He was an extraordinary child from day one, exceedingly bright and oh so curious. Never content with the limited lecture he received each day from the masters, Reika stole ever spare moment he could to study. He sought to increase his knowledge exponentially and thus studied intently a variety of subjects including: star systems, species origins, jedi masters of old, even legendary Sith lords. he read and learned and studied, even going so far as to ignore combat training in favor of learning and expanding his mind. there were weeks, months, where he lived in the library, practicing his force powers, which were substantial. however, due to the nature of his curiosity, he got in trouble for asking about things he shouldn’t have known. eventually, he defected from the Jedi order after erasing his name from the records, taking only his lightsaber he was given and his vast knowledge. he was an extraordinary child, bright from day one, exceedingly bright, and oh so curious. he was never content with the limited lecture he received each day from the masters. Reika stole ever spare moment he could to study, learning star systems, species origins, jedi masters of old and new, radical diplomats, systems of government, political theory, folklore, trade routes, ancient civilizations, countless languages, great sith lords, and much more. He read and learned and studied constantly, even going so far as to ignore combat training in favor of learning and expanding his mind. He also was unique in that from a young age he had a connection with the force such to rival many jedi masters. The force surged fluidly through his body, not in the manner as if he were tapping into some reservoir of power, but as if his body was a natural catalyst for the force, merely serving to hold it, use it, and magnify it. However, due to the nature of his curiosity, he got in trouble for asking his teachers about things he ought not to have known. Eventually, during a meeting before a small group of masters on the council, Reika spoke his radical viewpoints. It was such, that the masters unanimously decided that he could not be allowed to live any longer and thus attempted to silence him.

Reika lived and escaped, seeking in turn the sith, whom he had read about in such detail. Reika’s mental prowess already sufficient to hide any trace of his jedi past from his new master. For many years he trained under an unknown Sith master who eagerly imparted unto him the knowledge of a lifetime’s experience and studies. The master told Reika everything he knew about the Sith order, about it’s powers, it’s secrets, everything. He soon realized Reika had grown far too powerful and knew too much and thus could not be permitted to continue existing. One day, during a training session, his master tried to kill him and failed. Having conquered both the light and the dark Reika set off to escape and continue his independent studies, his final goal already in mind. Over time, all sides erased any records of Reika, permitting him to become a myth. The myth soon became folklore and soon the folklore became legend. Meanwhile, Reika trained and studied intensely, becoming readily able to use all 7 forms of lightsaber combat as well as all manner of force abilities both light and dark.

Trust, friendship, loyalty, light, dark, good, evil, lies, truth, power, weakness, these words and many more mean nothing to Reika. He shows no emotion but that which he purposefully employs to create a facade. He is cold, ruthless, calculating, and determined. He will stop at nothing to sees his goals come to fruition.

Yet, these men have left still more clues to even darker secrets, and even more sinister ambitions…

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