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The Sound of Revenge…
Chapter 6
The Great Escape….

“Where am I? This place reeks like the smell of corpse. The floor is so cold.” I thought rubbing the sore spot on my arm. “What happend? Feels like I was falling 100 miles. My head is so dizzy. Gosh, I could go for a shower right now.”

I stood up but found it harder than ever. It took me a couple attempts to stand, around the fifth attempt I was up. My legs were still a bit wobbly and hurt every step I took. I didn’t know where I was going, it was too dark to see anything.

Feels like it was only last night I saw Hunter again. We talked and laughed almost half the night! We wen’t to a really fancy resturant. I could have died of emabarresment because I didn’t have anything fancy to wear. Nor did Hunter which made me feel alot better.

Theres light in the faint distance. I tried moving faster, but my feet wouldn’t go. I could only move at the slow pace my body would go. All I wanted to do was lounge down on a nice, comfy bed.

“Its so dusty in here.” I thought coughing.

“Who…whos there?” Someone asked.

“My name is Aiedail Rand.”


“Yes Rand, you deaf or somthing?”

“No, no, I just reconize the name from somewhere.”

“Whats your name?”

She laughed.

“Doesn’t mean you told me your name means i’m stupid enough to tell you mine! How old are you, kid?”

“Im 8. I supose your not telling me this either.”

“You sure trust easily.”

“My entire life I didn’t have to lie about anything. I’m just used to it.”

“Telling random people your name and age?”

“Where are we?”

“Who knows. Sion killed my sister, and someone tried killing me but brought me here instead.”

“Whos your sister?”

“Who ‘was’ my sister? Her name was Jessica Demaro.”

“How old are you?”


“Whats your name?”

“Zoey. Zoey Demaro.”

“Now you trust me?”


“After 5 seconds?”


“How long have you been in here?”

“About, 2 hours.”

“Whats that light?”

“Its nothing. You just keep towards it and you’ll find yourself right where you started.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve been heading toward since the second I saw it. It hasn’t been getting any bigger, but it has been getting smaller.”

“Nice to know.”


“So how do you supose we get out of here? Sit and wait for rescue?”

“Heck no!”

“Then what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know. But I will come up with a plan. Sit tight and wait.”

“Alright.” I said sitting down.

Its not the most comfortable thing, but I really just want to sleep. My eye lids grew heavy and soon close over my eyes.

“Jessica! Wait up!” Zoey called racing to Jessica.

“Hurry up you slow poke!” Jessica laughed reaching the top of the hill.

“Zoey!” Jessica hissed.


“Look.” Jessica said pointing to the wide, open field with the sun peeking over the horizon.

“Beautiful.” Zoey breathed stopping next to Jessica.

“Yeah. I wish mother was here to see this.”

“Me too. She would have loved it. But it was just her time to leave, I guess.”

“Lets go. I am starving!” Jessica said.

“Me too.”

“Is that all you can say?”


“Are you coming?”


“Is ‘yeah’ all your going to say.”


Zoey and Jessica laughed.

The ground cracked and a hunk of land fell off the cliff taking Zoey with it.

“Zoey!” Jessica cried trying to grab her hand.

“Aiedial!” I heard Zoey call my name.


“You were panting, screaming, and kicking, thats not a good sign.”

“It was just a bad dream.”

“That happend to Jessica before she was taken to train in the way of the jedi.”

“So what? Everyone has bad dreams once and awhile.”

“Yeah. Your right Aiedail. I was just over reacting. What was your dream about?”

“It was….. it was nothing.”

“Yeah. Your right. It was nothing.”

“It was about my mom.”

I really didn’t want to tell Zoey I saw her and Jessica in my dream.

“What about her?”

“Hey Zoey. How did your mother die?”

“She died along with my father and…… How did you know my mother died?”

“Well, um. It was a guess.”

“No one guesses that good.”

“Well I got lucky!” I snapped.

“Well sheash, calm down! You don’t want your head exploding.”

“My head won’t explode!”

“Sure. Okay, so did you come up with anything to get out of here?”

“Me? I thought you were!”

“I was joking. We should just sit here and wait.”

“Wait for what?!” I cried.

“To be recused, duh.”

“Yeah, a huge ship is going to come down with over 50 men and come and save us.”

“Be careful what you wish for.”

“Who cares what I wish for! I wan’t to get out of here!”

“Maybe, an angel will come down a lift me out of here!”

“What about me?!” I cried.

“I was daydreaming!” She hissed.

“Its so dark in here! I can’t stand it.”

“Then why don’t you whine about it?”

“Good idea.”

“Wait. I think I found something.”

The lights turned on so fast nearly blinding me.


I held my arm up infront of me trying to agust my eyes to the light.

“Pretty bright.” Zoey said.

I didn’t dare to try and look at her. I was too busy trying to spot an exit.

“Looks like theres no way out for a million miles.”

I glaired at her.

“There is a way out and in because thats how we we’re put in here!”

“Very good Aiedail! Now say your A B C’s backwards. No, no. I bet we’re in heaven.”

I couldn’t say she was pretty. Her nose was fairly large and her eyes looked like it was taking over her entire face.

“I can’t say your all that great looking.” I could have shot myself for blurting that out.

“Is that what you we’re thinking about all this time?! Out of everyone in the world, I had to be put into a never ending hall with someone who cares about looks.” Zoey said starting to walk down the hall.

I just stood there.

“Are you reading the wall or are you coming with me?”

I looked at her then the wall.

“But I was just getting to know him.”

“If you dont get over here!”

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.”



“Atton!” Andria screamed.


“Wheres Aiedail?”

“Umm….. I don’t know.”


“I swear! Most of the time I do take her, but this time I swear it was not me.”

“Your not training her, right?”

“Psshhh, no.”

“Wheres Aiedail?”

“I dont know!”

“I’d mostly believe you, but somthing isn’t clicking.”

“So you don’t believe me?”

“Um, no.”

“Wheres Revan?”

“She is… ATTON!”

“I wasn’t sleeping with her! Gosh lady, blaming me on everything.”

“Dustil is going to kill her!”

“But Dustil is at home… unless he left.”

“Hunter is about to kill Revan. We have to help her!”

“She is strong enough to handle a 8 year old. I 90% positive Revan will beat Hunter.”

“What about the 10%?”

“That I’m not so sure.”

“She probably won’t attack Hunter.”

“Thats where the 10% comes in.”

“Lets go Atton!”


“Hunter, what are you doing?!” Revan shreaked.

“Hunter isn’t here.”

“No offence Dustil, but I doubt you can get my 8 year old son to kill me.”

“Thats what you think.”


“Atton! How much slower can you get?!”

“I’m going as fast as I can!”

“That’s pretty slow, and pathetic!”

“Watch it lady!”

“Quit calling me that!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“If only I knew my way around this station.” Andria complained.

“You don’t need to, the shuddle is right there.” Atton said pointing to two large, sliding doors.

“Very good Atton.” Andria said pulling him to the shuddle.


“Damn this shuddle is so slow!” Carth cursed.

Carth drummed his fingers on the small table next to his chair.

Now this goes Saw style XD Oh yeah, im Aiedail in the beginning =D

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  1. RevanBodyguard says:

    i like this one too >3
    can you please stop making Atton sound like a idiot
    Saw the movie?! eekk! i hate horror movies!

  2. MaggOnasi says:

    Its Atton’s charm! He’s plainly an idiot XD Sorry Atton

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