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The Sound of Revenge…
Chapter 5
Be Somebody….

Andria Rand walked quickly down the Telos corridors to Carth and Revans home. Her face red and burning with hate. She clenched her fist tightly together. She stopped infront of the door and shoved it open.

“Dustil!” She cried.

He was sitting at the table drinking coffe.

“Hey Andria.” Dustil said in his calmed, mannerd voice. “What brings you here?”

“Wheres Aiedail?!”

“That name doesn’t ring a bell.”

“Theres no bell to ring! Wheres Aiedail?!”

“Did your daughter run away?”

“Wheres Aiedail?!” Andria yelled louder.

“I have no idea what your talking about.”

“You know exactly what i’m talking about! Wheres Aiedail?!” Andria barked.

“Did you come here to blame someone as inisant as me? Are you mad Revan is dead?”

“Revan didn’t die. She was found not guilty. Now, i’ll ask again, wheres Aiedail?!”

“Why are you blaming me?”

“Because who else would take Aiedail?”

“A robber.”

“Wheres Aiedail?!?!”

“Listen here grandma, I didn’t take your little Aiedail.” Dustil said getting up. “Run along and do your jig that Revan lived.”

“You did take her! Who else would?”

“A robber!” Dustil repeated.

“Your just mad because I found a way to prove Revan was not guilty.” Andria continued ignoring Dustil. “So your taking it out on Aiedail.”

“You little girl is perfectly safe. Revan on the other hand is not.”

“What are you proposing?”

“Jedi mind tricks trick anyone. If Hunter kills Revan, im not found guilty.”

“You damn right guilty!”

“Haha, Revan is dead no matter what.” Dustil said with a laugh. “Please grandma….”

“I’m only 39. Sweetie, thats not old.”

“No, but your getting there. Hunter is hunting down Revan, so if you don’t see her around, you’ll know why.”

“Your a monster!”

“You know, I take that as a compliment.”

“Where are they?!”


“You know exactly whay i’m talking about!”



“I don’t know. Wherever Hunter want’s to kill Revan.”

“Tell me where!” Andria said using her mind trick.

“Out on the balcony.”


“Find it yourself fag!”


“Down at Mederas!”

Andria ran off slamming the door behind her.

“Pshh, chicks.” Dustil said sitting back down and finishing the rest of his coffee.


“Honey, why are we all the way here.”

“Dustil told me to.”

“Told you to what, Hunter?”

“This is the best place.”

“Best place for what?”

“Death.” Hunter said turning around to face Ariel Revan.

“Honey, what are you talking about?”

“Dustil told me to because he couldn’t finish you off.”

“Finish me off?”

“The whole trial was a set up. The mercinary was someone Dustil hired to kill you. This is the third change in plan, Revan.”

“Third change in plan? You mean, Dustil was trying to kill me?”

“He hired a mercinary to kill you, but you ended up killing the mercinary so he set up the trial. Since he was the only witness, the judge was sure to believe him, but Andria had to jump in! Now, i’m going to kill you.”

“Hiring my son to kill me? Very smart Dustil.”

“Oh, but don’t worry, I’m dealing with Andria.”


“Aiedail!” Andria screamed running up and down each corridor.

She didn’t care about Ariel Revan. Revan could take care of herself.

“Andria!” Someone said grabbing her arm.


“Wheres Revan?” Carth asked.

“Fighting Hunter. Have you seen Aiedail?”


“Dustil, mind tricks. It all falls into place when you think about it. The trial, the mercinary. When I get my hands on your son…..”

“Where are they?”

“Somewhere on Mederas. If you see Aiedail, tell her that i’m looking for her.”

“Will do.” Carth said running off.


I don’t know how many chapters there are, so I can’t say how many…. you get it?

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