fan fiction scrollKnights of the Old Republic: Shadows of the Lights Chapter 8

 Atton RandCanderous OrdoCarth Onasi

Chapter 8
The Fall……..
“Author notes: My co-author and I,how to say it politely, have had projects shoved in our faces for the past month so we were unable to write. But we are back now, so get ready to shit your pants all over again.

(Dusk on Dantooine)

Revan walked away from the funeral slowly, but with an odd sense of intent. Carth ran up to Revan and grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Revan, where the hell do you think you are going right now!?!?”

“Bastila’s dead, we need a plan damnit.”

Revan simply looked back and smiled.

“I need some time alone,” he said, and continued on his way without saying another word to anyone.

Everyone watched him leave in silence, for it was all they knew they could do.

(3 days pass)

“Exile…” called out a disembodied voice seemingly from nowhere and everywhere at once.

Telia sat up in a cold sweat, shaking off the distinct feeling that she was being watched. Getting up out of bed, she moved quickly and quietly so as not to disturb Atton, who could most likely sleep through an invasion anyways. She moved cautiously through the enclave and eventually made her way to the grounds.

“Exile…” the voice called out again.

“Who’s there?” called out Telia, taking a frightened stance, only to see the old jedi master Kreia.

“You’re supposed to be dead,” Telia said, slightly reassured at this sight but still apprehensive.

“That I am Exile,” Kreia said calmly, “I have become one with the force now, though it does not take such a feat no sense that you are in need of guidance.”

“You always could read me,” Telia commented.

“Yes, but there is no time to reminisce,” Kreia whispers, “I have a warning for you exile.”

“W-What?” Telia inquired, beginning to shake slightly again out of nerves.

(On the bridge of capital of alien design)
“And so the student now walks to path of old and the new path of betrayal” exclaims Lord Reika.

(On Ziost)

“Master, here are the children.” stated Zalax.

“Excellent, my apprentice.” states a hooded man.

The man walks over to the frighten children.

“Welcome to you new home, that man’s names is Zalax and my names is Darth Cyvan.”

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  1. oh shit!
    Bastila’s dead and kids alone with Sith Lords!
    oh how scary!

  2. Darth Shiin says:

    The kids won’t die, they’ll become Sith…

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  4. Darth Shiin says:

    sorry, I was just checking something…

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