fan fiction scrollKnights of the Old Republic: Shadows of the Light Chapter 4

 Atton RandBastila ShanCanderous Ordo

Chapter 4……
The Loss of Innocence

(Dusk On Dantooine)

The talking between between Revan and the others start to whine down. Then suddenly HK-47 comes scurrying in.

“Master my sensors have detected movement on the grounds.”

“As I feared” replied throwing his travel robes off “Ready yourselves we have I fight on our hands. Dustil get Mira and Mekel and Take the kids to the enclave.”

“Right away Revan” replied Dustil

Revan then looks over to Juhani and nods his head and she leaves.

“Looks like we’re gonna have some fun” exclaim both HK-47 and Canderous who is putting on the Mandlaore’s helmet.

(At the Enclave)

Dustil, Mira, Mekel and the kids arrive to a seemingly safe area.

“Camo off.” shouts an invisible enemy

“What the Fuck” shout Mira as ten Sith assassins appear out of thin air.

“Who are you? inquires Dustil “What do you want?”

An assassin steps forward

“I’d tell you but it’s a secret” jeers the assassin

“Well it looks like I’ll have to beat this secret out of you then” snorts Dustil

“Fool, we have out numbered you at least 10 to 3 ” replies the assassin as he and his comrades attack

“I’ll takes those odds” yells Dustil

“Let’s go then” Mira says eagerly

“I agree” says Mekel

The three ignite their lightsaber and attack the assassins.

The three attack courageously but Dustil and Mira are quickly subdued. For Mekel it’s a different story having seen his comrades fall he losses all control and attack without mercy but it is too little to late for the assassins deal with him easily. After the assassins dealt with them an nameless assassin contacts their leader.

“Leader we have taken many younglings and jedi kninght and master hostage including Revan’s and Telia’s children” reports the assassin

“Interesting, Bring the two to me kill the rest” commands their leader

“With pleasure sir” responds the assassin

“One last thing. If any survive I’ll fucking kill you.”

“Understood” says the assassin fearfully

The assassins begin their massacre of the enclave not noticing that the unconscious bodies of Mira, Mekel, and Dustil have vanished.

(Back at Revan and Bastila’s cottage)


A single figure appears on top of a small hill. A Falleen about two meters tall and wear dark clothing.

“As you wish Revan.” snears the Fallen

Suddenly thirty assassins appear out of thin air

“I know what you have also brought here now bring your monstrosities out.” yells Revan

As soon as he had finished six tetenrak come rampaging toward him and only him. Revan stops his friends from attacking them.

“Now I will show you how foolish it is to attack me and my friends”

Revan raises his left hand toward the group of tetenrak and closes his hand killing all of the the tetenrak to die in one swift and powerful move.

“Revan! No, you just tap into the..” Bastila cut off by Telia

“No he didn’t. He turned Force Crush a neutral force power while he was away.” explains Telia

Bastila and the others stand in aw of what just happened

“Well my master was right about you after Revan but you have lost this day.” jeers the Falleen then he vanishes along with the other assassins,

“What does he mean?” ask Bastila and Telia

Revan gasps then turns and faces the group.

“They have the kids!” Revan says as he drops to his knees.

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  1. RevanBodyguard says:

    wow… i like it
    you know this story is familar to that book when Han and Leia’s kids were kiddnapped and taken to a Academy for the Reborn Empire… but you probably know that… WRITE SOME MORE. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

  2. MaggOnasi says:

    This is awsome!!!!

  3. MaggOnasi says:

    Now, I have to wait for the next one *starts crying*

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