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 Atton RandBastila ShanCarth Onasi

Bastila awoke unusually early this morning, as if she knew today was going to be different than all the other days. Then again, she always had that feeling, but it was stronger today. I wonder why I feel like this is the day I’ve been waiting for to come, Bastila thought to herself. Noticing that Carth was already awake as his side of the bed was empty, Bastila stood, quickly changed into her Council robes, and headed downstairs. As usual though, Carth was already brewing coffee for the two of them, hair still wet from his shower.

“Morning,” he said as she walked over him to grab her mug and plant a kiss on his cheek, the daily routine she performed since moving to the base.

“Morning. I have a Council meeting this afternoon. Master Lomas won’t be able to attend it til this afternoon, anyways, I hope. Maybe we’ll finally get a vote on whether to allow him onto the Council. He deserves it,” she replied, taking a sip of her coffee.

Carth just smiled at her.”Alright. By the way, the children-” he began to explain before the intercom beeped alive.

“Commandeer Shan, this is Sergeant Halker. I have a docking request from an incoming ship. Ship ID is telling us that it’s The Ebon Hawk,” the voice on the intercom informed Bastila.

The Ebon Hawk?! That ship hasn’t been seen in Galactic space since the Battle of Telos! Has the Exile come back to tell me that HE‘s gone?? Bastila thought to herself before pressing a button for her end’s intercom.

“Sergeant Halker, this is Commandeer Shan. Docking request granted. Instruct the pilot to land on my private landing zone, and also inform them that both I and Admiral Onasi will personally greet them,” Bastila spoke into the intercom.

“Understood, Commandeer Shan. Halker out.”

When Bastila turned around, Carth already had on his jacket on. He finished buttoning his jacket and looked at Bastila. She nodded.

“Let’s go see if it’s really them,” Carth announced, opening the door for Bastila.

Hopefully it is them, Bastila prayed silently to herself, stepping outside the room.


Anarla looked up as I arrived in the cockpit.

“Just waiting on clearance. They’re pretty slow. I mean come on! I’d have it done already, but Bastila does have an impressive landing pad, so we really won’t need to land at a space port and then pay to travel to the base. Hopefully,” Anarla explained as she checked The Hawk’s readings.

“Any word from the base about the request?” I asked, gazing at the base from where I could see it.

“Not ye-” Anarla began to say, but a transmission coming in from the base interrupted her.

Ebon Hawk, you have clearance to land on Platform 275,” the voice instructed.

“Understood,” Anarla replied. Soon she was steering the ship towards the large platform we had been instructed to land on.

“Wow. Impressive,” Anarla whipsered in awe.

It was an impressive base indeed. A large plateform centered in the middle of the lake was enough to take even my breath away. The platform we were about to land on, from edge to edge, was about as long as an old Hammerhead-class cruiser.

The second we landed on the platform, my eyes were observing every little detail closely. I noticed that several officers on the platform were moving crates around, as if making barricades, and others were watching our ship dock. Soon I saw them.

Bastila, beautiful as ever, and Carth were standing side-by-side at the opposite end of the platform, watching our descent. Carth was in an Admiral uniform, possibly given to him by the Republic, while Bastila wore the robes of the Council. Seemed like to me that the New Council was still using some of the old ways after all. It made me wonder how many Masters were on the Council since my departure.

“Time to get this over with,” I mumbled to myself.


Bastila watched as Revan, no, Isaac Starwalker, walked down The Ebon Hawk‘s ramp with the Exile, HK-47, and T3-M4 behind him. She watched him stride down with confidence, but one thing that bothered her was that he had a hood over his head. The last time she saw a hood over his head was while he was known as Darth Revan. That’s unusual. He never wears a hood. Please let him still be Isaac and not Revan. Please let him be the man I know, and loved, Bastila prayed.

She soon saw why he wore the hood. His old mask was on his face, or at least something like it. Carth must’ve saw it, also, because he suddenly shouted to nearby officers, “Men, raise blasters!”

“No! Don’t!!” the Exile screamed, Isaac drawing his lightsaber.

“Carth! Tell them to lower their weapons!” Bastila commanded, causing some of the troops to hesitate when they aimed at The Ebon Hawk‘s crew.

Carth looked long and hard at Bastila before giving the order to lower their weapons. Most of the troops looked relieved that they didn’t have to fire.

I can’t allow Carth’s overconfidence be my undoing, Bastila thought to herself before looking at Isaac. His hair had grown out from his usual spiked cut he had before.

“We need your help, Bastila. Your’s and Carth’s,” Isaac said so softly that only she could hear.

“Why now, Isaac? Why not seven years ago??” Bastila asked, her words sounding as if she was about to cry.

Isaac looked at the Exile before looking back at Bastila. “If we don’t stop this new threat, Bastila, I’m going to die.”

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