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 Atton RandBastila ShanCarth Onasi

It seemed like a millenia since I was last in Galactic space; in fact I had only been away for seven years. Seven long years.

After the Star Forge Battle was the months of constant nightmares. One after the other, never the same. They all had the same basic idea though. My old days as Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith. Torture, kidnapping, destruction. Murder. Bastila, my beautiful love, knew my many nightmares disturbed me, especially since I chose to abandon that part of my life.

It was only after I saw them, the Masters of the True Band of Sith, that I knew the Republic and every being in this galaxy would be in danger. If I didn’t leave, we would all die. Though that was only one of the many reasons I left.

Bastila begged me, that day, one year after the Star Forge Battle, to stay with her. She tried her hardest to convince me to stay, saying that if I stayed that we could conqure the evil I had seen, but I knew I couldn’t stay. Another reason I chose to leave was because Bastila needed to stay back and keep focusing on her studies to become a Jedi Master, a position she deserved. My presence here wouldn’t help her studies at all and would only slow her down, unfortunately. Bastila eventually accepted the fact I had to leave. She was at the many good-bye parties all of my friends decided to throw me. She was at the huge going away “celebration”, but it was more of a good-bye feast to many of us. She was also there, attending my final day and my final farewell to everybody. We hugged once, but never said a word, which caused me to constantly think of her throughout my travels in the Unknown Regions.

Now I’m back. Many things have changed since my departure seven years ago, with the New Council and leadership in the Republic, but hopefully I’ll be able to gather my forces together without fighting within the galaxy. Hopefully.

I sat against the wall next to my bunk, relaxing as my ship, The Ebon Hawk, entered Galactic space from hyperspace. I could feel the slow leaning motion the ship gave as it left hyperspace. Somehow it caused the left side of my face to itch, but I couldn’t unfortunately. I had a mask over my face, one that closely resembled the one I had worn during my time as Darth Revan, only wit a few more surprises in it than the old mask. It was also the only thing keeping me alive at the moment. Slides could be slid open so people could see my mouth and my eyes, but that was all they could see until I was healed more. One of the many consequences of going back into the Unknown Regions.

“Isaac, we’re closing in on Napiem. Mind coming up to the cockpit?” Anarla Starr, my best friend and former padawan, said over the intercom. Anarla was the reason I was still up and moving around, her expertise in mechanics helped build my new mask. Anarla had been a former padawan, a former general during our times in the Mandalorian Wars, and an exile that had saved the galaxy from a Sith threat while I was away. Most knew her as the Jedi Exile, but others who had served by her knew better than to call her that. Close to four months after Anarla stopped the Sith threat lead by my old master, Kreia, did she find me in the Unknown Regions, barely alive. With HK-47 and T3-M4 with her, Anarla constructed my mask, and we began our return to Galactic space.

I finally stood, drapping my cape behind me. I pulled my hood over my head, hiding my mask. I had become accustomed to such motions whenever I was going to meet somebody, even when it was one of my oldest friends. As I began walking towards the cockpit, my assassin droid HK-47 walked up to me.

“Master, I hope you will reconsider allowing that Jedi you love so much from boarding this ship,” he said, causing me to smile, which I was glad was hidden by my hood. Once Anarla had found me in the Unknown Regions, with HK and T3-M4 with her, I had updated HK’s vocabulary to a more modern tone.

“She’s coming, hopefully, HK. I will do my best though to keep you away from each other,” I said, my voice sounding a little robotic because of my mask.

“Very well, Master. Let’s hope this approaching danger will take my circuts off the stress that Jedi brings with her.”

As HK walked away back to his usual station, I realized he was right about something. Jedi do bring a lot of stress with them. No wonder the Sith wanted us gone.

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  1. Nikko Barrek says:

    Interesting. like the first person view you have going on in the story. I hope to beable to read more soon.

  2. Jman138 says:

    Very well done I like it keep going I want to read more.

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