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'The Last Handmaiden' Fan Fiction Archive

kotor fan fiction scroll What Goes On In Atton Rand’s Mind – Part Two by
  Atton RandExile (Female/Light Side)Kreia

Author’s Notes: I haven’t written from Atton’s point of view for a while. So I already written Part One and this is Part Two. Don’t ask why I’m jumping around here and there. I’m getting confused myself that I can’t stay put on one subject.┬áSorry it’s so long, I tried really hard to skip through […]

Written Monday, December 31st, 2007 4 Comments »
Category: Atton Rand, Exile (Female/Light Side), Knights of the Old Republic, Kreia, Star Wars, T3-M4, The Last Handmaiden

kotor fan fiction scroll Missing, Part 4 by
  Atton RandCarth OnasiExile (Female/Dark Side)

Missing, Part 4 Changes in Time Atton sat at the table fishing his hand in a pickle jar. When he finnaly managed to grab a slice of pickle, his hand got stuck in the jar. “Wretched jar!” He cursed before hitting his jared hand on the table. Alora walked in and staired blankly at Atton’s […]

Written Sunday, November 11th, 2007 3 Comments »
Category: Atton Rand, Carth Onasi, Exile (Female/Dark Side), G0-T0, Hanharr, HK-47, Knights of the Old Republic, Kreia, Mandalore, Mira, Revan (Female/Light Side), Star Wars, The Last Handmaiden

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